Renting A Home Sight Unseen: Questions for You Potential New Landlord
  • Renting A Home Sight Unseen: Questions for Your Potential New Landlord

    28 Sep

    Renting A Home Sight Unseen: Questions for Your Potential New Landlord

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    Many situations can cause renters to sign a lease without seeing their new rental. For example, military moves, relocations across far distances, and moves without much advance notice can all make it impossible to see a rental unit before agreeing to move in. 

    It can be stressful to rent a home or apartment sight unseen — and we’re here to help. Check out these questions you’ll want to ask your potential landlord before you sign a lease on your new, yet-to-be-seen home. 

    Can you do a video or FaceTime tour?

    When you’re moving to a rental house or apartment sight unseen, pictures only go so far. When a landlord provides you with a video tour, you get to ask questions as they move you through the property. You can ask them to open closet doors, show you the front of the house, feel how the rooms connect, see the natural light in the home, etc. 

    Are there any areas of the property (like the lawn) that need special care or maintenance?

    When you can walk through a property in person, you’re able to note areas that may need special care, such as large bathtubs that will need to be cleaned regularly, outdoor spaces that will require landscaping care, and other sites that are likely to take up more of your time. These areas may not be so clear through photos, so it’s wise to ask your landlord about them ahead of time.

    When last were the appliances replaced?

    It can be challenging to gauge how old the stove, refrigerator, and AC units are when you look at the pictures. When you walk through a property in person, you’re easily able to see whether or not the appliances are dated. However, through photos, it’s not so easy. Asking your potential new landlord how old appliances are can help you decide whether the property will be a good fit for your needs.

    How long has it been since the carpets (or other floorings) were replaced?

    Like appliances, it can be tough to tell the condition of carpets when you only get to see a few photos of the property. The last thing you want is to show up to your new apartment or home and find your carpet covered in stains from previous tenants. 

    Moving Soon?

    Signing a lease without seeing the property can be challenging, and communication is critical. So be sure to keep an open line of communication with your potential landlord. In addition to asking key questions, take a look at the neighborhood on Google Maps. Check out crime rates for the area, and look at a site like Nextdoor to learn more about everyday problems in the community. Gathering information is an essential part of deciding whether you’ll sign a lease. 

    Moving is always stressful, no matter what your situation. We’re here to help. Contact us to talk about how we can take some of the burdens of moving off your shoulders. We can make your move easy!