5 Tips for Working With Movers
  • 5 Tips for Working With Movers

    14 Feb

    5 Tips for Working With Movers

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    There’s a reason (or 20) why people hire movers — the moving process can be difficult and complicated. Using a moving company makes your move just that much easier.

    After all, movers are professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to move safely. There are a few things movers wish their customers knew before moving day, though.

    Here are five ways to make working with movers even better.

    1. Complete the Packing

    If you have opted for a self-pack move, have your packing complete before the movers arrive.

    That means that you should have all of your belongings boxed and the boxes taped shut and labeled. Each label should include a brief description of the contents and the room in which the box should be placed when off-loaded at your new home. Be sure to indicate “fragile” on all boxes containing delicate items so that everyone handling those boxes will know to take special care.

    The movers’ job is so much easier (and will be done that much quicker) if everything is already boxed, secured, and labeled.

    2. Keep Pets and Children Out of the Mix

    The moving process involves many, many moving parts (literally). Adding pets and children to the mix is a recipe for chaos.

    Just imagine tripping over a toddler while carrying a couch down a flight of stairs — or your beloved dog making a break for it through an unattended open door.

    For everyone’s safety, keep children and pets away from the action. Provide a “safe room” at your current house where a designated adult can care for your pets and kids. Or better yet, if possible, have a relative or trusted friend take your children and pets to their home on moving day so that everyone stays safe.

    3. Communicate Clearly

    As you work with your moving professionals leading up to your move, tell them precisely what you want. Provide clear instructions so that the movers have all the information they need to do their jobs.

    For instance, let movers know:

    • How to best access your home, including which streets to take and where to park
    • Any rules around issues like parking, elevator use, or time restrictions
    • Which things you want on the truck, and which items you will take with you
    • Any additional moving services you need

    4. Clear the Way

    Before moving day, communicate with neighbors at your current home and your new home to allow plenty of street parking for the moving truck.

    Ensure that you also clear your driveway of your own cars so that they don’t get blocked in during the move. You might need to use your vehicle, and you won’t want it blocked by the moving truck. You should make sure that all sidewalks and pathways are cleared for the movers as well. 

    5. Stay Back and Available

    Your professional movers have an ideal system for conducting your move. You have done the hard work of packing up your belongings into boxes, now step back and let the movers get busy with the loading, transporting, and unloading. Make sure you stay available in case they have any questions for you during moving day.

    Moving Help is on the Way

    These tips make it easy to optimize your moving service. A bit of preparation and clear communication will help your moving day go smoothly!

    Maybe you need even more help moving. We can help with the packing and unpacking too. Contact us for more information on all our services and to get a quote.