Enjoy the Columbus, Ohio, Performance Venues
  • Enjoy the Columbus, Ohio, Performance Venues

    29 Feb

    Enjoy the Columbus, Ohio, Performance Venues

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    When you want to take in a play or dance along to your favorite live music, Columbus, Ohio, is the place to be. And for those planning on moving to Columbus, you’ll be happy to learn about the many performance venues in town.

    Here are a few favorite places to watch a play or a concert in Columbus.

    Ohio Theater

    If you’re seeking a transcendent musical experience, grab some tickets for a night at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra at the Ohio Theater. Founded in 1951, the orchestra has been the foundation of symphony music in Ohio for decades.

    The audio experience is enhanced by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s main venue, the Ohio Theatre. This stunning event space boasts superb acoustics, 21-foot-tall ceilings, lush decor, and state-of-the-art tech to make the music sound even more impressive.

    Shadowbox Live

    For a dose of creative inspiration, see a show at Shadowbox Live. Home to a performing arts troupe with a mission of making the world more humane through the power of art, Shadowbox Live’s calendar of events reflects that vision. You’ll find an innovative blend of art, live performance, and community engagement here.

    It all started in 1988 with a rock opera about the wizard Merlin that brought actors, musicians, and students from Ohio State University together on the stage, which happened to be set in an abandoned horse-drawn carriage factory. The rest is history, and today, Columbus audiences enjoy a rich mix of spoken word, musicals, shorts, sketches, and theater performances throughout the year in this unique space.

    Riffe Center Theatre Complex

    There’s always something going on at the Riffe Center Theatre Complex. Part of the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, the venues include three intimate studio performance spaces and the much larger Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Theatre.

    The Davidson venue offers 903 seats and is the home of the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts. The Riffe Center hosts large and small musical and theater events throughout the year in its four performance spaces.

    Palace Theater

    Nested at the foot of the LeVeque Lincoln Tower, Columbus’s Palace Theater offers a grand experience. This 2,827-seat venue was designed to resemble France’s palace at Versailles.

    Here, you’ll find a plethora of chandeliers adorning a richly decorated space, complete with fountains, murals, and even a grand staircase fit for a royal entrance. The architects designed The Palace Theater with acoustics in mind, so musical performances are incredibly stunning in this unique space.

    Lincoln Theater

    Founded in 1928, the historic Lincoln Theater is the perfect place to take in a musical show or live performance. The theater was initially founded as a home for jazz and vaudeville and was long a cornerstone of Columbus’s African American community.

    Over the years, luminaries such as Sammy Lee Davis Jr., Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Etta James, and James Brown have all performed in this space. In the 1990s, the Lincoln Theater was placed on the Historic Register. It underwent extensive renovations, and they restored the lux Egyptian-themed decor to its former glory.

    Household Relocation Made Simple

    Are you planning a Columbus, Ohio, relocation? You’ll love all the performance venues the city has to offer. And if you need help with your Columbus move, Herlihy is here to lend a hand. Contact us today for a free quote.