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27 Apr

Moving With An Older Cat? What You Can Do to Manage the Transition

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Cats are known for being loyal to places, so many cat owners have stories about their cats running away after moving to a new home. Also, many older cats often have medical needs that can make moving a little more complicated. Ultimately, if you’re moving with an older cat, you may be worried about your […]

13 Apr

3 Missteps To Avoid When Relocating Your Business

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It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs and other decision-makers to feel conflicted about moving a business. On the one hand, the current facility cannot accommodate the company’s existing and future needs. On the other hand, relocating can result in downtime and unforeseen challenges if you are not careful. But moving a business does not necessarily have […]

27 Mar

How to Move When You Only Have a Month’s Notice

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Many moving guides suggest starting the process months in advance. But what if you only have a few weeks? What do you do then? Moving on short notice is hard, but not impossible. If you take these tips, you can get through to moving process with less stress. Make a Plan You Can Follow Most […]

13 Mar

Downsizing? Here’s How to Pack

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Downsizing is an excellent way to simplify your life. If only your belongings could downsize too. Moving to a smaller home requires tough decisions about which of your possessions will go with you. Sometimes it’s harder than you think. If your goal is to have a more manageable home life, you’re probably making the right […]

28 Feb

7 Fun Ways to Get Children Excited About Moving

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Moving children from one neighborhood, city, or state to another can feel traumatic for parents, but moving can be an exciting undertaking full of opportunity for children. We hope these fun tips and tricks help you get your children excited about a move, so there are fewer tears and more celebrations! 1. Take Them With […]

14 Feb

5 Tips for Working With Movers

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There’s a reason (or 20) why people hire movers — the moving process can be difficult and complicated. Using a moving company makes your move just that much easier. After all, movers are professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to move safely. There are a few things movers wish their customers knew before moving […]

29 Jan

No More Broken Dishes: How to Protect Your Good China During a Move

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One of the most fragile objects that people bring with them during a relocation is good china. You can easily break plates and China if a box is set down too hard, not to mention the box can easily get crushed if it’s placed beneath other heavy boxes.  If you’re packing for an upcoming relocation, […]

15 Jan

6 Steps for Choosing the Best Office Moving Company

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Moving an entire workspace can be a challenge, even for small companies. Streamlining the process and getting everything promptly to the new location is key to getting the business up and running quickly after the transition.  With this in mind, here are six ways to ensure that you choose the best office moving company to […]

12 Jan

White Christmas Program for Families in Need

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Herlihy Moving & Storage is proud to help Southwest Christian Ministerial Fellowship with the food drive for the Grove City Food Pantry. White Christmas Program

30 Dec

Moving In 2021? Do These 5 Things To Prepare

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Moving is a big job, requiring a lot of work and preparation. Many people start planning their move only a few months before they’re planning to leave. While this may sound like plenty of time, starting even earlier helps make for a less stressful move and can ensure that you’re ready to go when the […]