15 Jan

6 Steps for Choosing the Best Office Moving Company

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Moving an entire workspace can be a challenge, even for small companies. Streamlining the process and getting everything promptly to the new location is key to getting the business up and running quickly after the transition.  With this in mind, here are six ways to ensure that you choose the best office moving company to […]

12 Jan

White Christmas Program for Families in Need

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Herlihy Moving & Storage is proud to help Southwest Christian Ministerial Fellowship with the food drive for the Grove City Food Pantry. White Christmas Program

30 Dec

Moving In 2021? Do These 5 Things To Prepare

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Moving is a big job, requiring a lot of work and preparation. Many people start planning their move only a few months before they’re planning to leave. While this may sound like plenty of time, starting even earlier helps make for a less stressful move and can ensure that you’re ready to go when the […]

16 Dec

De-Stressing Techniques for Busy Parents During a Relocation

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Moving is stressful when you’ve got small children. As your house fills with boxes, the play space disappears. Kids run out of things to do as their toys get packed. Children can also react with tears when their parents become stressed or worried. With kids climbing the walls and crying a lot during the packing […]

27 Nov

5 Tips to Pack Your Garage For Moving

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Moving day may be right around the corner, but you’ve still got one room left to tackle: The garage. It’s easy to see why many people procrastinate on packing this particular part of the house. It’s full of awkwardly shaped items, many of which are large and heavy. You’ve got to deal with pointy tools […]

13 Nov

Moving Storage Solutions for All Your Needs

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No matter which way you spin it, moving can be both an exciting transition and a stress-inducing chore. Between plotting your timeline, preparing your belongings, and dealing with your realtor, you probably never even thought about what you’ll have to put into storage. Whether your new home isn’t quite ready on moving day or you […]

30 Oct

DIY Move? Tips for Packing to Minimize Your Use of Boxes

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Are you organizing a DIY move? You know it’s probably going to include a ton of boxes. But what if you wanted to cut back on the number of boxes you use? How would you pack? The truth is that you will need some boxes; you just probably don’t need to buy hundreds. With our […]

16 Oct

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Adjust to a New Community After Your Move

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By the time a child is a teenager, they often have a network of friends and a number of favorite spots in their community. When they have to move away from those friends and favorite spots, many teenagers go through a period of adjustment.  You can make that period of adjustment easier by listening to […]

30 Sep

Office Moving Challenges and What You Can Do About Them

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Moving to a new office space brings an opportunity to expand and grow your business. However, the office moving process also brings challenges that you must meet successfully for the company to thrive. Here are some things to consider as you put together your office move plan. Space Planning Planning the new layout will be […]

16 Sep

Organizing Your Household Move for Greater Efficiency

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Moving is a crazy, frantic, exciting, and distressing time all tied up in a tiny little bow – of packing tape!  But it doesn’t have to be crazy. If you take the time to organize your move from start to finish, you’ll find that it can be an orderly process. There might be a few […]

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