Relieve Stress Before a Household Move
  • Relieve Stress Before a Household Move

    11 Apr

    Relieve Stress Before a Household Move

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    Packing up your life and moving to a new home takes dedicated work and coordination. Planning the logistical gymnastics to make it happen can be stressful and hectic if you let the situation get to you. Proper preparation and planning can reduce your pre-move stress and help you enjoy a calm and ordered moving day. Below are some helpful tips to reduce anxiety before your big household move.


    Getting yourself organized before the move will help reduce stress levels as the move approaches. Start by eliminating any clutter sitting around your house. Donate or sell what you don’t want to move to the new house. Pack as much as you can early in the process. Pack things like seasonal items, decorations, and excess linens early.

    Use a Checklist

    Create a complete moving checklist before you start to pack up your home. A checklist will not only help keep you organized throughout the moving process, but it will also help keep you on schedule. When you feel like you are accomplishing what you need in the allotted amount of time, your stress levels will decrease. Knowing exactly what needs to happen before the move, laid out neatly in a list, is a great way to reduce pre-move stress.

    Give Yourself a Break

    As much as you may want to race to pack up your home, working around the clock to get everything done is taxing. Be sure to give yourself a break every so often. Take a walk outside, enjoy a dinner with friends, or watch a movie. Your stress will undoubtedly increase if you have a life filled with work and no time to play.

    Eat Healthy

    When you’re trying to pack for a move, getting stuck in a loop of ordering takeout or fast food for dinner is easy. But eating junk food will add to your stress levels. Not only does junk food elevate stress, but it can interfere with your ability to get a restful night’s sleep. Be sure to eat healthy throughout your move, getting plenty of calories from healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

    Ask for Help

    The responsibility of a household relocation doesn’t have to rest entirely on your shoulders. Remember that you have a network of friends and family who love you and want to help. Call your loved ones to help pack and organize your home. Not only do many hands make light work, but you’ll be able to recharge your social battery by seeing family and friends.

    Prepare Comforts

    Moving day will be busy, so reward yourself for a well-done job. Pack a box that includes known comforts for everyone in the family. For small children, pack a favorite toy or blanket. Pack a comfy blanket, favorite candle, or bubble bath for adults. It’s essential to keep the comfort box visible and accessible on moving day to access your de-stressing materials easily.

    More Moving Help

    Don’t only ask your friends and family to help you move! Contact a reliable and experienced moving company to assist with your upcoming move. With professionals in your corner, you’ll eliminate stress with an efficient and fast team. Contact us today for a price quote on your next move.