Moving Tips: Packing Furniture with Drawers

Moving Tips: Packing Furniture with Drawers

30 Apr

Moving Tips: Packing Furniture with Drawers

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“Do I need to empty furniture drawers before moving?” is one of the most frequent questions our customers ask.

The answer depends on the type of furniture and what’s inside. Follow these tips for hassle-free handling of furniture with drawers.

Clothes Dressers

It generally is safe to leave lightweight clothing – sweaters, shirts, blouses and lingerie – in dresser drawers during the move. Remove heavier items such as towels, sheets and table linens and pack them separately.

Keep in mind that the furniture is going to be lifted, so you don’t want to make the piece too heavy by overstuffing the drawers. Likewise, if the dresser is particularly large (a triple dresser or part of a large armoire), it is best to empty it at least partially.

Most non-clothing items should be packed carefully in separate boxes. Be sure to remove any articles from the drawers that could roll around or shift during transport. A few things that should definitely be removed from any drawers include:

  • Breakable items such as porcelain and glass, including picture frames.
  • Jewelry, watches, money and other valuables. These can roll around during transit, get stuck underneath drawers or even fall out completely.
  • Books, CDs, DVDs, etc. These items are too heavy and can damage furniture and other items in the drawer.
  • Liquids and gels such as makeup and hair styling products, which can leak.
  • Sharp items such as pens and scissors, which could damage clothing and furniture.
  • Candles, which can melt in hot weather.


Filing Cabinets

In wooden cabinets, all drawers need to be emptied. When made of metal or plastic, 2-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. The top two drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet must be emptied. All lateral file cabinets need to be emptied completely.

Desk, End Table and Entertainment Center Drawers

Everything in these drawers should be packed separately. Be sure to mark the boxes!

Whether you’re planning a local move or cross-country relocation, we hope these tips put you on your way to a simple, stress-free move. If you have any questions about packing or moving, please contact us today!

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