Cold-weather Moving Tips from Herlihy Moving & Storage

09 Jan

Cold-weather Moving Tips from Herlihy Moving & Storage

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Winter moving services from Herlihy Mayflower moving Columbus OhioBrr! It’s been unusually cold in Columbus, Chillicothe and Athens so far this winter. With more than half of winter still to go, we thought it was time to share some tips on preparing for a winter move.

Get Organized

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, but having a plan for what needs to be done helps to manage the stress. Start planning – and packing – as soon as you know you’ll be moving. Make a checklist of what needs to be done, and chip away at the list by completing a few items every day. These tips for moving out of your home or apartment and moving into a new home or apartment can help.

Pack Winter Essentials in Your Trip Kit

Your essential trip kit includes items you might need while traveling to your new home and immediately upon arrival. Make sure to include a warm change of clothes for everyone in the family and extra hats, gloves and mittens in case these items are misplaced or get wet during the move.

Keep an eye on the weather report

When you live in a Ohio city like Columbus, Chillicothe or Athens, weather can change quickly. Monitor weather conditions and check with your moving company about their policy for postponing moves during inclement weather. If you do want to postpone your move, check with your realtor or landlord to see if it’s possible to stay an extra day or two at your current place. If not, your movers might still be able to pick up your things as scheduled, but hold delivery until you’re ready to arrive at your new place.

Clear walkways.

Clear snow from your driveway to make room for the moving truck to park. Leave ample room for movers to use dollies near the truck. Make sure all sidewalks and walkways from your house or apartment building to the moving truck are completely clear of snow and ice. If needed, salt or sand these areas.

If you’re moving locally, you should do the same for your new place. If you’re making a long-distance move, ask your realtor or property manager to take care of snow removal before you arrive.

Keep your shovels, salt and sand available throughout the move in case it snows again.

Protect Inside Spaces.

Cover floors and carpets with large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect them from water, salt and sand. Use small tacks to secure cardboard to carpeted areas. Tape plastic sheeting to hard floors using heavy duty tape (test first to make sure the tape will not damage floors). Don’t forget to remove the floor coverings and mop up any mess before you leave your home.

Get some help

The benefits of hiring a moving company are amplified during cold winter weather. At Herlihy Moving & Storage, our moving professionals undergo extensive training on how to safely move your belongings in all kinds of weather. But if you can’t afford to hire someone, ask as many friends as possible to help with the heavy lifting. Spreading the workload helps guard against fatigue.

Bundle up

Moving boxes and furniture is hard work! Dress in layers to regulate your body temperature. If you start to overheat, remove a layer or two of clothing. You can put them back on when you cool down or when it’s time to go outside again.

Plan Your Trip

For a long-distance move, plan your travel route carefully. Check with local authorities to make sure highways are open and safe for travel. Most states have websites with updated travel conditions. In Ohio, you can check the OhGo website. You also should have contingency plans for stopping at a hotel or motel if needed.

Winterize your car

Before a long-distance move, have your car winterized. Make sure tires and brakes are in working order. You might want to carry tire chains if they are permitted by the states you’ll be traveling through. If so, learn how to put them on and off quickly before leaving.

Pack items you might need, such as a gas can, extra windshield washing fluid, a good snow shovel, and salt or kitty litter for traction if you get stuck. Extra hats, gloves and emergency blankets can keep you warm while waiting for help to arrive if you get stuck.

Keep an Emergency Contact List with You

Make a telephone list of everyone you would need to contact if your travel is delayed. Add roadside assistance, state highway patrols and a number to call for reports on highway conditions. Don’t forget your moving coordinator.

You also should share your travel plans with someone who isn’t moving with you. Arrange to call that person regularly with updates on where you are and when you’ll call again. Carry a cellular telephone and keep it charged, in case you need to contact emergency roadside service.

Manage heat and light

Make arrangements with utility companies to turn on heat and light at your new place before you arrive. For a long-distance move, ask the realtor or property manager to make sure the utilities are working and to set the thermostat to a level that will prevent freezing of pipes. Leave the thermostat set to this level in the home or apartment you’re leaving.

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