Strategies to Tackle Clutter Before Moving
  • Strategies to Tackle Clutter Before Moving

    16 May

    Strategies to Tackle Clutter Before Moving

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    One of the best strategies to tackle clutter before you move is to start early and not procrastinate. Clutter can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when preparing for a household relocation. Having a solid plan, taking systematic action, and making swift decisions can eliminate clutter from your home before the big relocation.

    Start Early and Stay Organized

    Dealing with clutter is challenging, but creating a clear, organized space is necessary. Procrastinating the decluttering process will only complicate it in the long run. The trick to successfully tackling clutter before a move is to begin early and not delay the process. By starting early, you can take your time and work on decluttering bit by bit throughout your home, avoiding the stress of last-minute rushes. Breaking down the decluttering task into smaller segments will help you focus and prevent burnout.

    When starting the decluttering process, begin with the least used rooms in your home. These could be spaces like a home office or a spare bedroom. Starting with less cluttered areas can give you quick wins and motivate you to tackle larger cluttered spaces in high-traffic areas of your home. Celebrating small victories can propel you towards achieving your decluttering goals.

    Let Go of Sentimental Items

    Sentimental attachment to objects can make it challenging to let go of clutter. While you may have memories associated with particular items, it is essential to prioritize practicality when decluttering. Ask yourself if you need the item, will use it, and still like it. If the answer is no to any of these questions, it might be time to part ways with the item.

    Stay Organized During the Decluttering Process

    Stay organized during the decluttering process by sorting your belongings into different piles. Separate items you get rid of into piles for trash/recycling, shredding (for personal documents), donation, or selling. Once an item goes into a discard pile, make a rule that it does not return. This will help you stay accountable and focused on decluttering effectively.

    Get Rid of Expired Products

    Getting rid of expired products is a simple yet effective way to declutter your home. Check your kitchen pantry for expired food items, including canned or dry goods. Move on to the bathroom and dispose of any expired makeup or toiletries. Eliminating no longer safe or usable items can significantly reduce clutter in your home.

    Schedule Donation Pickups

    Make arrangements for donation pickups or drop-offs for items you plan to donate before your move. Many charitable organizations offer pickup services for more oversized items such as furniture or appliances, making it convenient to donate unwanted belongings. Schedule donation pickups well in advance to ensure they coincide with your moving timeline.

    Reward Yourself

    Finally, reward yourself for a job well done once you’ve successfully decluttered your home before your move. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, a nice dinner, or a weekend getaway to celebrate your accomplishment and recharge before the big move.

    Prepare for a Fresh Start

    While moving can be daunting, it also presents an opportunity for a fresh start. Purging your home of unused or unwanted items before a move can make the relocation process smoother and more organized. Consider hiring professional movers for a stress-free and efficient move. Our team of reliable, experienced movers is ready to provide you with a free quote for your upcoming move.