5 Steps to Planning Your Local Commercial Relocation
  • 5 Steps to Planning Your Local Commercial Relocation

    14 Aug

    5 Steps to Planning Your Local Commercial Relocation

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    Moving is a lot of work, especially for a successful, functioning business. Planning for your upcoming local office relocation can make your move successful. Whether moving down the block or across town, you can enjoy a successful and lower-stress relocation by following the steps below.

    1. Declutter

    Every business has clutter. That clutter can make packing more challenging and your relocation more costly. The more stuff you have to move, the more your move will cost.

    Decluttering in the months leading up to your move can help you save money and can help make your move a more positive experience overall. Start decluttering as soon as you’ve decided to move to give yourself enough time to remove as much clutter as possible.

    Make a decluttering plan, cleaning out drawers and closets, removing things you don’t need. Remember that your business will have a retention period for certain documents, like tax documents, personnel documents, and receipts. Speak with your accountant and legal team to determine how long you are required to retain certain items.

    Your decluttering should include everything from old office equipment to unused office supplies and decor. Consult with your moving company, as they might have resources for decluttering and recycling your equipment.

    2. Prepare a Communications Plan

    Customers will need to know that you’re relocating, when the relocation takes place, where you’re moving to, and what the benefits are of that new location (private parking lot, more space, better facilities, etc). The better you communicate with your customers, the more they will be able to follow you to your new location. Send out the word in various ways:

    • Letters and newsletters to customers
    • Put a notice on your website and social media
    • Place signs around your current location
    • Prepare a media release
    • Update any listings online that feature your business

    Finally, be prepared to create a big sign for your old building to direct customers to your new location when you’re gone.

    3. Assign a Committee

    Create a moving committee or task force of managers and staff to help get the job done. Putting employees in charge of your relocation will take some of the pressure off of you and empower your employees to be more involved.

    4. Pack

    Packing for your commercial relocation takes time, so start early. Start by packing documents and papers you don’t need for everyday work so you can continue running your business even as you’re getting ready to move.

    Label each box with care and precision. This will aid in the process of unloading and unpacking. You do not want to delay your start in your new location, so pack efficiently.

    Or hire a full-service moving company that can handle the packing for you, to make the work go faster.

    5. Secure a Moving Company

    Work with a moving company that has experience with commercial relocations. Vet multiple moving companies and check references before hiring the right company for your business move. To learn more about how to have a successful commercial relocation, contact us today for a free quote.