6 Steps for Choosing the Best Office Moving Company
  • 6 Steps for Choosing the Best Office Moving Company

    15 Jan

    6 Steps for Choosing the Best Office Moving Company

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    Moving an entire workspace can be a challenge, even for small companies. Streamlining the process and getting everything promptly to the new location is key to getting the business up and running quickly after the transition. 

    With this in mind, here are six ways to ensure that you choose the best office moving company to handle your change over.

    1. Research Professional Moving Companies

    Do some homework on the office moving companies you’re considering working with before making the first calls. Check their customer reviews, find out if they have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and confirm their licensing status with the state’s database of movers for hire.

    2. Give Preference to Companies With Years of Industry Experience

    The most reliable movers have been around for many years with extensive histories and experience in relocating offices. Breaking down expensive office equipment takes special tools and knowledge versus residential client’s needs. Unreliable office movers with multiple complaints that tend to break or lose items don’t last long in the business. 

    3. Inquire About the Company’s Moving Support

    Communication is the key to successfully working with a local office moving company. Even if it’s only a small business or transferring a few offices, time and planning are essential. Be sure that the company you choose offers clear communication concerning options. Inquire about their customer support, should your needs change during the moving process.

    4. Make a Note of Your First Impression

    When you first call to inquire with a local office moving company, note their friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge of relocating businesses. First impressions are essential. An exceptional mover won’t wait for you to ask countless questions. Instead, once you state your needs, they should guide the discussion. Any representative that doesn’t do so may be a sign that the company won’t make an extra effort to streamline the moving process.

    5. Use an Office Moving Company that Offers a Customized Quote

    No office relocation is the same, so getting a basic online quote is a good start, but by no means will they provide the most accurate estimate. Additional challenges may involve heavy equipment, time constraints, and temporary storage for particular items. These services need to be evaluated with a custom quote or an onsite visit from the company’s estimator.

    6. Know What Services You’ll Receive

    Moving companies have an array of price-setting scales to meet the client’s needs. Some packaged options are set by the size of the job, the amount of heavy lifting involved, which equipment will be needed, and whether the movers will pack or unpack goods in addition to transporting goods. Do you want everything disassembled and set back up, too? Be sure to ask how much this costs and how much fees are for canceling or postponing the service.

    We Make Office Moving Easy!

    We have been helping companies relocate for years and have experienced office movers on staff to help ensure you get business rolling again quickly and efficiently. 

    Contact us today for a custom quote to see why we’re a top choice for owners and managers planning a future move.