What to Look for in the Best Moving Companies
  • What to Look for in the Best Moving Companies

    25 Apr

    What to Look for in the Best Moving Companies

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    While moving can be challenging and stressful, it also can be an exciting experience. The right moving company can make a move smooth and allow you and your family to focus on the excitement of getting to know your new home and neighborhood. Here are some things to look for in the best moving companies.

    Demonstrated Positive History

    The best movers will be established in the area, sometimes for decades. They also have completed many moves similar to yours.

    Established Offices

    A reputable moving company will generally have at least one office instead of existing only on the Internet. Consider visiting the offices of the companies you are interviewing.

    Movers will generally have flatbed trucks, trailers, and heavy trucks. They will also have assistive equipment such as dollies, moving blankets, and hoisting straps. Workers will be experienced, well-trained, and dressed in uniforms.

    Reasonable Estimates

    You should always get estimates from at least three moving companies. Don’t jump to choose the mover with the lowest price, especially if the difference is significant. You’ve probably heard the axiom, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    Also, the best moving companies will provide an in-person or virtual survey of your home to give you an estimate. They’ll go through each room to inspect what you want to move. The estimate they provide will be clear and transparent.

    Be sure to understand the differences between a binding and nonbinding estimate. A binding estimate means you’ll pay the price quoted, even if unforeseen circumstances require that the mover spend more time moving you than the company expected.

    Appropriate Credentials

    The Department of Transportation requires that interstate movers register and receive numbers. Thirty-eight states also require that in-state and local movers have DOT numbers.

    In addition, the best movers also belong to the American Moving and Storage Association. AMSA requires its members to adhere to strict guidelines. Some movers will also belong to state moving associations that also have guidelines.

    Quality movers will also carry all the state and federal required insurance, including worker’s comp insurance for their workers.

    Answer Questions Readily 

    The best movers should welcome the opportunity to answer questions when they visit your home to provide an estimate. Some questions you may want to ask are:

    • Do you have references from satisfied customers, and may I contact them?
    • How do you handle fragile items?
    • Is your crew employed or subcontractors?
    • Can I have a complete inventory or bill of lading? All reputable moving companies will provide this.

    Reasonable Deposit Requirement

    A standard deposit is 20 percent or less of the estimated cost. Asking for more than that may be a red flag. However, some movers will require no deposit at all.

    Climate Controlled Storage Facilities 

    Movers who’ve been in business for a while tend to have a storage space that is security monitored and climate-controlled.

    Make Your Move Soon

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