Should You Move For A Job Opportunity? What to Consider Ahead
  • Should You Move For A Job Opportunity? What You Should Consider Before Signing A Contract

    30 Oct

    Should You Move For A Job Opportunity? What You Should Consider Before Signing A Contract

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    Whether your company offers you a promotion that requires a move or you find a great opportunity in a city across the country, it can be hard to decide whether it makes sense to uproot your life for a job opportunity. Here, we’ll take a look at what you need to consider when you’re deciding whether it’s time to pack up and move to further your career.

    What’s the long game?

    Don’t just think about the immediate benefits of the move, such as new scenery, a new title, or a pay raise. While these things may be nice, it’s essential to consider how the move will affect you and your family over time.

    In an article for Harvard Business Review, Matthew Bidwell, associate professor at Wharton, said, “When it’s a difficult choice, it means that no option is clearly better than the other. Try to think beyond the immediate move. Ask: What is best for us in the long-term?”

    When you find yourself at an impasse, it means that you’re wise to take your time in making the right decision. Carefully weighing the factors and how the move will affect you and your family long-term means that you’re taking the decision seriously, making it more likely that you’ll make the decision that’s best for both your career and your family.

    What environment do you prefer?

    In an article for Forbes, Rosemary Haefner, Career Builder’s VP of HR, recommends considering the type of environment that’s best for you and your family. For example, suppose you’re thriving in your current city. In that case, your spouse loves their current position, your kids are older, and they have a solid group of friends and extracurricular activities — then you should think long and hard about whether the move is worth it.

    Haefner says, “It may be a good decision for someone who is in a position to move their life to a new area without much disruption, for example, someone who is early in their career. However, on the flip side, someone may have more ties to their current city later in their career or someone with a family. So while it is not necessarily a bad decision to relocate, it may take more planning and time to actually do it.”

    Learn more about the position.

    While it’s exciting to consider everything to do in a potential new city, make sure you take the time to learn what your new position offers. If there’s a considerable uptick in workload, or you’ll be traveling more than usual, you’ll want to factor that into your decision as well.

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