7 Fun Ways to Get Children Excited About Moving
  • 7 Fun Ways to Get Children Excited About Moving

    28 Feb

    7 Fun Ways to Get Children Excited About Moving

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    Moving children from one neighborhood, city, or state to another can feel traumatic for parents, but moving can be an exciting undertaking full of opportunity for children. We hope these fun tips and tricks help you get your children excited about a move, so there are fewer tears and more celebrations!

    1. Take Them With to Look at Homes

    Including kids on the house-hunting trip can be a great way to get them excited about moving and dreaming about all the things they’ll do in their new home. Let them lay claim on rooms in the house, share in their excitement about the swingset in the backyard, and ask for their feedback at the end of each visit.

    2. Let Them Choose Their Colors

    Something as small as choosing paint colors for their own bedroom can make a move exciting for a child. Even if you feel particular about matching the bedroom colors to the rest of the house, you could give them a choice between a few options that you’ve already approved (or let them pick the curtains or artwork instead).

    3. Get Their Input on the Wish List

    Sit your whole family down at the kitchen table and tell them you have to come up with a wish list for your new house. Should it have a sandbox in the backyard? Room for cars to park? Kids’ rooms close to parents’ rooms or as far away as possible? How important is a two-car garage or a fenced-in yard? You might get some silly recommendations, but the process will bring your family closer together and give kids buy-in for the move.

    4. Create a Scrapbook

    If you’re relocating far enough, your child will have to go to a new school, make new friends, and create a scrapbook of their friends, old neighborhood, and house. This scrapbook will be something they can look at when they are missing friends and familiar surroundings. It will help get them through the next few months after the move and will be a cherished keepsake as they get older.

    5. Let Them Keep Something

    Letting your child choose a rock from the front yard to keep with them when they move is a great way to help them remember their old home and comfort them during the move. Other ideas include a postcard from their hometown, a picture of themselves in their bedroom, or something special with their house number on it.

    6. Say Good-Bye

    Saying good-bye to a home might seem silly, but it can help the whole crew find closure. Work through each room of the house, saying good-bye and sharing some of your favorite family memories that took place in that room.

    7. Celebrate the Move

    Take the time to cherish the moment once in your new home. It can be as simple as a special pizza night on the floor or celebration cupcakes to commemorate the transition!

    Family on the Move

    Giving children space to grieve an old home – whether it’s people or a place – and then finding reasons to celebrate the next steps can make the move easier on everyone involved. To learn more about safe and convenient moving in your area, visit us today! We’re the moving experts! Get a quote.