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5 Things You Should Not Take With You When Moving

14 Jul

5 Things You Should Not Take With You When Moving

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Knowing which things to pack or not bring with you remain at the center of moving decisions. The fact you are transitioning to a new living space presents a unique opportunity to purge underused items and clutter. However, beyond old sweaters and items that you never unwrapped exists another layer of things you should not pack or carry to the new home. Some of these pose a danger to the moving professionals, while others could negatively impact you or a loved one.

If you are planning to move, consider disposing of the following items.  

1: Appliances That Have Seen Better Days

Working people on tight budgets typically try to get every mile out of appliances before purchasing new ones. That frugal philosophy makes a great deal of sense, except when relocating. The transportation and installation of heavy items may be factored into the cost of moving your belongings. But the primary reason to consider upgrading revolves around the second wave of costs. Appliances that have seen better days will require replacement, and you could spend additional money removing and replacing them. So sometimes, it’s better to dispose of outdated appliances at an opportune moment.  

2: Expired Prescription Medications

The conventional thinking that prescription medications only get weaker after expiration dates do not necessarily hold. Certain types present a risk of bacterial growth, and others could prove completely ineffective if used to treat conditions such as infections. The risk of using or relying on medications that have passed their prime far outweighs any potential benefit. Consider checking if they qualify for the prescription take-back program or flush them down the toilet. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

3: Broken Things You ‘Plan’ to Fix

People sometimes have every intention of fixing cracked, broken, or damaged things that could prove helpful. But the reality of busy daily and weekly schedules demonstrates you have little free time and would rarely spend it fixing items you don’t use daily. These rank among the commonly broken things that take up space.

  • Shoes with damaged or worn-out heels
  • Camping tent poles and linings
  • Small appliances such as toasters
  • Clothing with unusable zippers

Many of these and other products remain relatively inexpensive to replace. That should factor into the idea of spending your free time fixing them. The fact they’ve been occupying living space this long means they aren’t a priority. Take the moving opportunity to reduce clutter.

4: Boxes of Documents

Living in the digital age means that the vast majority of documents can be stored in the Cloud, devices, and portable drives. You need to maintain physical copies of things such as birth certificates, Social Security cards, marriage licenses, vehicle titles, and a few years of tax returns, among others. Consider creating multiple backup files of each important document.   Secure at least one set away from internet access and shred the rest before moving.

5: Gasoline Stored in Containers

Professional movers can’t transport gasoline containers due to the risk of fire or damage. This may prompt everyday people to put them in the trunk of a car or SUV rather than deal with disposal and additional cost. But an essential issue homeowners may not realize is that gasoline only has a 3-6 months shelf life. Using expired gasoline can damage small engines and automobiles.

Moving With a Lighter Load

Not taking unnecessary and hazardous items with you can lower the cost of moving and make occupying your new living space more enjoyable. In addition, many people feel like a burden has been lifted after purging things they don’t need.

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