DIY Move? Tips for Packing to Minimize Your Use of Boxes

DIY Move? Tips for Packing to Minimize Your Use of Boxes

30 Oct

DIY Move? Tips for Packing to Minimize Your Use of Boxes

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Are you organizing a DIY move? You know it’s probably going to include a ton of boxes.

But what if you wanted to cut back on the number of boxes you use? How would you pack?

The truth is that you will need some boxes; you just probably don’t need to buy hundreds.

With our tips, you can discover ways to minimize your box footprint.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are some of the most versatile storage options you can buy. Clear plastic bins close tightly and work well with tape. They’re also easy to see inside, so you can find what you need.

Bins come in various sizes and depths, but you’ll want to stick to a few standard sizes. They’ll stack easily that way, which is perfect for self-storage or moving pods. You can even use them for organizing after you move.

Keep in mind that you can overpack a bin just like a box. If it’s too heavy to lift once you load it, you may need to choose a smaller one.


Most people have at least one or two suitcases they use for travel. If you don’t need them for essentials on moving day, you can use them to pack a few things.

Suitcases may be an ideal choice to provide extra protection for valuable or delicate items. The ones with a hard shell exterior will hold up better if you accidentally drop or kick them.

Travel gear may be harder to label, so you’ll need to write down or remember what’s inside. You’ll probably only have a few of them, so it shouldn’t be too tricky.

Garment or Duffel Bags

Before you pack up certain items like clothing or sports gear, you might put them in a garment bag or a duffel bag. Using the proper bags is a great way to ensure that these things arrive in their current condition.

If you’re not worried about space or efficient packing, you might just use the bags instead of putting them into boxes. You’ll save money on buying longer or taller boxes.

Remember that these bags tend to come in odd sizes. They may not pack as neatly into storage or a moving truck.

Space-Saving Bags

Packing four or five bulky coats into one large box might seem like a waste. For certain types of fabrics, you can save space by using vacuum-sealing bags.

You can even use a durable garbage bag for this purpose. Here’s how to do it:

  • Fill the bag with lightweight items.
  • Stick the vacuum hose inside the bag.
  • Wrap the top of the bag around the hose.
  • Turn on the vacuum to remove excess air.
  • Twist then tie the top of the bag.

Sealing with a vacuum decreases volume but not weight. If you use this method to pack 20 coats into a single bin, it may be too heavy.

If you’re trying to avoid boxes for your upcoming move, you have a lot of alternatives. Try one or more of these ideas, you’ll stay organized and cut down on waste.

Moving Help

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