Keeping Pets Happy As You Move To A New Home

10 Apr

Keeping Pets Happy As You Move To A New Home

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You’re moving, and the to-do list seems like it’s never going to get any shorter. You’re talking with your realtor, setting up internet service in your new home, managing school changes – it’s a lot. All of these changes take a toll. 

Working through moving day tasks is never easy. Many people get caught up in the stress that comes with moving and change. It’s important to remember that your pets are going through a huge adjustment, just like the human members of your family. These five tips can make the relocation to a new home easier on your pet.

Give Some Extra Love

It’s simple – spend some extra time with your cat or dog. Take your pup out for an extra mile on the walking trail, or spend additional time playing with the laser pointer with your cat. As moving tasks pile up, many people let spending time with pets fall to the wayside. Setting a reminder on your phone to give your pet cuddles or exercise can be super helpful in ensuring that you take the time to snuggle your pet.

Allow the Process Time

Like so many things in life, it will take time for your pet to get comfortable in your new home. Misbehavior and anxiety are normal. Do your best to stay patient and calm. Remember that your pet is doing their best to thrive in a new situation.

Keep Consistency Where You Can

You’re packing a bag for yourself and your family so that you have what you need before you get to the boxes. You need to do the same for your pet. Having their bed, favorite treats, and favorite toys on hand can help them connect to their normal life. Don’t forget to pack food and their water bowl, too. If you usually have pet food delivered, be sure to change your address with the delivery company, so you don’t run out.

Integrate Slowly

Your pet likely loves to explore. It’s normal to think that giving them full reign of the house is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this can lead to your pet feeling overwhelmed. Giving them access to small portions of the home at a time is best. Setting up an area for your pet in a bedroom or bathroom will allow them to begin to adjust to the sights and smells of their new home.

Talk To Your Vet

Chat with your veterinarian before you move about any supplements they recommend for your pet. Many herbal medicines can help your pet stay calm throughout the move. Your vet can also give you behavioral techniques that will work best for your dog or cat. If you’re concerned that the stress of the move is affecting your pet’s health, be sure to reach out.

Listen to Your Pet

Adjusting to a move isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be especially hard on pets. Remember that pets are typically trying to communicate with you when they change their behavior. Pay attention to what they’re trying to tell you as you settle into your new home together.

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