Your Week By Week Moving Checklist

24 Apr

Your Week By Week Moving Checklist

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Plans are coming together for your upcoming household move. Now is the time to develop a sure proof moving strategy with a moving checklist.

Breaking your to-do list down week by week is the perfect solution for staying on top of things. This approach works for several reasons. When you break things down into chunks, you won’t feel as overwhelmed as when you try to tackle things all at once. When people ask how they can help, you can look at your list and give them an answer. You’ll also feel great about your progress each time you check something off your list. 

Check out these suggestions for tasks, week by week that will prepare you for your move.

Four Weeks Before Your Move

Secure Boxes

Gather plenty of boxes in various sizes. Before purchasing your needed boxes, check local grocery ad liquor stores to see if they have any they are discarding after shipments. It’s the perfect way to get some sturdy boxes.

Begin Packing

Start the packing process by packing items that you don’t use frequently. Go room by room. If you haven’t used an item in the past month or two, you won’t miss it as you prepare to move. Plan to pack a little each day in the next few weeks, so that the bulk of your packing is not left until the last minute.

Take Care of Utilities

Call the electric, water, gas, and internet companies, as well as any other utility company you use. Let them know when you want your old service shut off. Make arrangements for utilities to be activated in your new home.

Tend to Electronics

Back up all electronic devices, check that your data is stored on a cloud-based server. Accidents happen, and the last thing you need during your move is for all of your files to be lost due to a dropped laptop.

Three Weeks Before Your Move

Plan Meals

Look at what you have in the freezer and make a meal plan for the next two weeks (before you resort to takeout). Think about what you don’t want to move and use it up.

Complete a Change of Address

Go online to set up mail forwarding to your new address.

Service Your Car

Stop in to see your mechanic. If you’re driving to your new home, you’ll want to make sure that your car is ready for the trip. In addition to an oil change, ask your mechanic to do a once-over for any other maintenance issues, and get them taken care of before move-out day.

Two Weeks Before Your Move

Tie-up Loose Ends

Think about local issues you need to tie up – have any clothes at the dry cleaner? Any local businesses you want to visit one last time? Take care of these things before moving day arrives.

Clean Rugs

Shampoo your rugs (or hire someone else to do it). That way, they’ll arrive fresh and like new to your new home.

Check-in With Your Employer

Talk with your employer about the time you’re taking off (or your last day on the job). Confirm dates and any other necessary details.

One Week Before Your Move

Prepare a Personal Bag

Pack like you’re going on vacation for a week. Keep this bag with you, and keep the mentality that the items you packed will be unavailable to you for at least seven days. Include things like toiletries and medications.

Refill Medications

Stop by the pharmacy and pick up refills for you and your family. Don’t forget about your pet – if they take prescription medication, make sure they have a fresh supply.

Confirm With Your Movers

Call your moving company to double-check that you agree on the time and date they’ll arrive.

Ask a family member or a friend to walk through your home as moving day approaches. They may spot the storage area in the garage you forgot about, or remind you that yes, you need to pack your patio set.

Moving Made Easy

Use this week by week moving checklist to get you and the entire family ready for your upcoming move.

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