Need Storage for Your Next Move? 4 Things to Consider
  • Need Storage for Your Next Move? 4 Things to Consider

    28 Sep

    Need Storage for Your Next Move? 4 Things to Consider

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    Self-storage can be very convenient when it’s time to relocate. Having self-storage allows you to stash old furniture and clutter that could make your home difficult to sell. Self-storage also provides a place to keep boxes while packing, thus clearing room in your house for moving around and packing more boxes.

    It can take time to find a suitable storage facility. There are many factors to consider, including climate control, cost, security, location, accessibility, etc. If you’ve never tried to find a self-storage unit, here’s what to know.

    1. Climate Control

    Some self-storage facilities use climate control in every unit, while others have a mixture of climate-controlled and un-climate-controlled units. Often, climate-controlled units are available at a higher cost. A climate-controlled unit may be optional, depending on what you’re storing in your facility.

    Remember that the presence of climate control gives you the flexibility to store items that can get damaged in extreme temperatures, like electronics, photos, antiques, etc. If you’re unsure what you’ll be keeping in your storage unit, it’s best to play it safe with a climate-controlled rental.

    2. Security

    Every storage unit should have security measures to protect your possessions and you while you’re on the grounds. Door locks to enter the building, a secure gate to keep intruders off the premises, and security cameras are all examples of security features to look for when shopping around for a self-storage unit. Ask yourself if you would be comfortable visiting your storage facility at night. If you wouldn’t, then move on.

    3. Convenient Access

    When will you most likely want to access your storage facility, and will the facility be open during those hours? If you’re only available to visit your storage facility at specific times, finding a company that will allow it is important.

    Location is essential as well. If you plan to visit the storage unit regularly, look for a unit close to your home. If you plan to keep the unit after your relocation, look for a storage facility between your old home and the neighborhood where you plan to live.

    4. Budget and Move-In Deals

    Self-storage facilities often offer move-in deals that allow renters to have their first month for free. If saving money is important, shop for deals before committing to a lease.

    Some facilities require renters to lease for a specific period before going month to month, while others may not. Know how much you can afford to spend each month and how long you plan to rent. Look for a storage unit that fits into your monthly budget.

    Even if you plan to rent for a very short time, you may take longer to sell your house or find a new home than expected. Rent a facility that is affordable in an ongoing way, just in case you find yourself renting longer than anticipated.

    Relocating? Hire Professional Movers

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    Make your relocation a positive experience. Work with professional movers. Contact Herlihy Moving & Storage today to discuss your upcoming relocation. Ask about our storage solutions, too.