5 Ways to Catch Up On Your Moving Timeline to Stay on Track
  • 5 Ways to Catch Up On Your Moving Timeline to Stay on Track

    27 Mar

    5 Ways to Catch Up On Your Moving Timeline to Stay on Track

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    When planning your move, it’s common to overestimate how much you can do. Then, you quickly get behind.

    Although falling behind is common, it can cause problems, especially if you need more time to do the essential things.

    Here are a few ways to catch up on your moving timeline so you are ready to go when moving day arrives.

    1. Set Priorities

    Before determining where to start, looking at your backlog and setting some priorities is essential. That way, you can be sure to do the crucial tasks.

    There are a variety of ways to prioritize your schedule. For example, you could clear some big tasks to make extra time in your plan. You might also try finishing quick items.

    You can often tell what you must do before moving day and what you can push off.

    2. Trade Heavy and Easy Tasks

    Many people set ambitious moving schedules, thinking they will have plenty of time and energy. But, unfortunately, once you start working, it’s easy to lose track.

    Avoid overwhelming yourself or burning out by trading heavy or complex tasks with easy ones. For example, you might pack a few boxes and then make quick phone calls to start services.

    Limit the amount of heavy packing to a few hours a day per person. It’s more sustainable, especially if you also work full-time.

    3. Avoid Additional Responsibilities

    The moving process is big enough that you may need to back off on some of your other responsibilities. The last thing you need is to lose necessary packing time because you tend to overcommit.

    Pick a date on the calendar, after which you will only schedule the necessities.

    4. Build Momentum With Easy Wins

    Getting behind can demotivate you. On the other hand, keeping track of your schedule may make it easier to progress. In this case, you’ll need to build momentum.

    Momentum in the moving process means that you are finishing tasks with a level of satisfaction that motivates you to keep going. In addition, you’re feeling happy with your progress, which makes it easier for you to invest.

    Choose a handful of tasks for the beginning that are easy to complete. Once you finish them, you may notice that working on the more complicated stuff is more manageable.

    5. Ask for Help

    Many people love the idea of being able to handle a task entirely by themselves, even if it’s a big one. However, if you are far behind on your moving schedule, you may need to ask for help to catch up.

    Asking for help does not indicate that you are failing at the process. It’s important to give yourself the same patience and consideration you would give to a close friend or family member in the same situation.

    When you ask for help, outline a few tasks, so your helpers know what to do.

    Moving Forward

    Even if you have months to prepare, sticking to your plans on moving day can be challenging. For more advice about how to simplify your move, contact us today.