9 Tips to Make Your Move Go More Smoothly
  • 9 Tips to Make Your Move Go More Smoothly

    15 Mar

    9 Tips to Make Your Move Go More Smoothly

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    You’re moving. For many, moving is one of the most challenging household tasks. Here are nine tips to help your move go more smoothly.

    1. Purge Now

    As soon as you think you might move, begin purging your possessions. Setting a regular time to go through your possessions and give away, sell, or discard, is a good idea.

    2. Get Organized

    Getting organized will help ensure you stay on schedule and within budget. Make task lists with deadlines. Place the deadlines on your calendar. Check off tasks as you accomplish them.

    3. Get an Early Start

    As soon as you know you are moving, begin packing and scheduling moving companies for quotes. Schedule your moving date as quickly as possible, so you’ll have the best choice of dates.

    4. Get Estimates from Three Moving Companies

    Ask friends and family for the names of reputable movers and check reviews online. Request quotes from at least three moving companies. Be sure you understand whether the quotes are binding or nonbinding, and be sure each mover is quoting on the same items and services.

    5. Pack for Success

    Packing is the most time-consuming part of the move. However, a few tricks can make packing easier.

    First, be sure you know the items movers won’t move, such as batteries, household cleaning products, etc. Then, pack by entire rooms, starting with the least-used rooms first. Leave items in dressers or other containers, or, if the dresser is heavy, remove the drawers and seal each in plastic wrap. Finally, write the room on every box on each side — not just the top — so that movers can identify it quickly.

    If you have suitcases and briefcases, pack them with items, too. Suitcases with wheels may be easier to transport heavy items such as barbells and books than boxes.

    Finally, consider having the mover pack for you. The cost may be less than you think.

    6. Make Sure You Know the Rules

    Some communities with homeowner’s associations have rules about what’s required to sell your home. Others have rules about moving. For example, if you are moving into a high-rise condo, you may have to book a freight elevator in advance. You also may be able to move only on specific dates.

    7. Prepare an Essentials Kit

    Pack one box per person that contains moving day essentials, and be sure to take that with you in your car. The box will include pajamas, toiletry items, toilet paper, a change of clothes, a towel, and sheets for your bed. It might also have some snack items.

    8. Keep Important Documents Nearby

    Keep wallet items, passports, moving documents, and other essential documents near you during the move. You don’t want to look through several boxes to find them later.

    9. Be Ready for Your Movers

    Unless the movers are packing for you, make sure you’re packed when they arrive. Scrambling to pack at the last minute will increase your costs. Also, make sure the moving van can get to your home, and that weather conditions or other vehicles aren’t blocking the way.

    A Smooth Move

    Follow these helpful tips for an easier move. Contact us for a free moving quote. We can make your moving process quicker and seamless by applying our professional experience and know-how.