3 Top After-School Programs in Columbus, Ohio
  • 3 Top After-School Programs in Columbus, Ohio

    27 Oct

    3 Top After-School Programs in Columbus, Ohio

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    As you get your kids ready to move to Columbus, Ohio, it’s wise to have some ideas to help them make new friends as you get settled into your new home. So, look at this list of after-school activities in Columbus to help your kids feel comfortable as they move and get used to their new city.

    1. Capital Kids Program – 1111 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH

    The Columbus City Schools run the Capital Kids Program and offer kids the chance to interact with their peers in an out-of-the-classroom setting. In addition, the program provides kids the opportunity to use top-notch technology to support their academic growth. Kids in the Capital Kids Program also take field trips, play outside, and spend time with caring staff members who often become more like family. Good news for parents: the Capital Kids Program doesn’t stop when school comes to a close for the year. Kids can enjoy a one-week camp during spring and an eight-week camp during the summer.

     2. Gym Skills – 710 Cross Pointe Road, Columbus, OH

    Do you have a little tumbler on your hands? If so, you’ll want to get your little ones signed up for classes at Gym Skills in Columbus. Kids can choose from standard gymnastics, tumbling, ninja, and more. Your child may also be interested in joining Gym Skills’ competitive team options, allowing them to grow their skills in a new way. If you have tiny ones in tow, you may also want to check out Gym Skills’ toddler and preschool classes. Many parents find that enrolling their children in gymnastics classes boosts their focus and helps them positively harness their energy.

     3. Afterschool All-Stars – 1743 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH

    Afterschool All-Stars provides kids with a safe environment after school to help them succeed in the classroom and in their daily lives. The program works to help kids find their way through academic and social issues, teaching them how to become leaders and harness their creativity to help them succeed.

    The program offers academic support through its LitArt curriculum, which helps students with a hands-on approach to reading and learning. LitArt works to help students develop the skills they need to become critical readers and thinkers. Other academic support options include homework help and virtual learning help, providing students with the support they need before they go home to enjoy their time with family in the evening. Afterschool All-Stars is free for Columbus residents.

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