6 Tips for De-stressing and Relaxing After a Move
  • 6 Tips for De-stressing and Relaxing After a Move

    12 Sep

    6 Tips for De-stressing and Relaxing After a Move

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    With all the lead-up to and preparation for your move, you will still feel wound up once you arrive at your new home. Moving from one house to another is a physically and emotionally exhausting endeavor.

    After your residential move, you’d like to relax and enjoy your new home. Here are six tips to help you unwind quickly.

    1. Play Some Music While You Unpack

    You’ll have a lot of work when you unpack and set up your new home. At times, it’s even more stressful than moving.

    Unpack your belongings while listening to your favorite music. Music can decrease the physical effects of stress. In addition, it can keep your blood pressure and heart rate down.

    2. Eat to Refuel

    It is important to refuel yourself after a long move. Have some food delivered from a new local restaurant. You won’t have to worry about unpacking or doing dishes the first night.

    3. Discover Your Neighborhood

    As a parent, you know the added challenges of moving with children. Expect them to have a lot of energy while you are running out of it.

    Walking around your new neighborhood is a great way to de-stress, as your kids will enjoy seeing all the new sights, and you can get some exercise.

    Depending on where you live, you might find a park or wooded area to enjoy! But, of course, if you have a dog, it’ll love exploring too!

    4. Prioritize Your To-Do List

    Even after your belongings are in your new home, you have only completed half your job. As a result, you will likely need several days or weeks to get everything into its proper place. Meanwhile, clutter can make you feel stressed.

    Make a checklist of what you need to unpack right away. For example, you should first unload your bed, bathroom, and kitchen supplies, then prioritize the remaining items.

    You’ll feel accomplished whenever you check an item off this list. But remember to give yourself time. While you might want to get it all done immediately, it’s best to tackle your unpacking in manageable sections so you can stay organized and not get overwhelmed.

    5. Get Enough Sleep

    Even minor sleep disturbances can affect your mood, judgment, and memory. For example, if your move disrupts your sleep routine, your stress levels will rise.

    Sleep is crucial to reducing post-move stress. Getting plenty of sleep will help you feel refreshed.

    6. Treat Yourself

    A sure-fire way to destress is to indulge in a special treat. Determine what reward will make you happy and provide satisfaction— then indulge yourself. Here are some examples of satisfying ways people prefer to relax:

    • Arrange a massage
    • Play a round of golf
    • Get a manicure
    • Stroll the mall
    • Read a book
    • Watch a movie

    Relocating is Rewarding

    Despite all the obstacles, moving is rewarding once you have completed the hard work. You’ll be able to enjoy your new home for years to come.

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