Top Reasons Why You May Need to Move in a Rush
  • Top Reasons Why You May Need to Move in a Rush

    29 Aug

    Top Reasons Why You May Need to Move in a Rush

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    Moving is a long and complicated process. Ideally, you’ll have at least a few weeks or months to prepare yourself and your belongings to transition to a new location and avoid the peak moving season. Sometimes, you need to compress your planning into a week or less. Moving in a rush adds extra stress, but if you can prepare mentally beforehand, that can help.

    So, here are a few reasons why you might have to move in a rush and how to plan accordingly.

    A New Job or Career

    Changing careers is often exciting, especially with a promotion or a change of scenery. Typically, there are two options when moving to a new job:

    • Employer-Sponsored Move: In this case, your new employer usually pays for moving costs and may provide temporary housing until you can find your own place. Again, this option works best because you don’t have to stress about finances.
    • Self-Sponsored Move: You need to move to advance your career, but your new employer won’t pay for your transition. This option can be a bit more challenging, especially if your start date is soon. Try to be open and honest about your move with your employer, so they’re in the loop and can (hopefully) accommodate you better.

    Quick Home Sale

    You never know what will do the trick—a hot housing market, great staging, or a little luck—but you might find yourself in a situation where your current house sells much quicker than you anticipated. In a case like that, you might not even have a new home secured yet. A house that sells faster than planned might leave you scrambling with last-minute moving challenges.

    You might find that professional moving storage might help if you need to move out before your new home is ready. Putting your furniture in storage will ease your burden until you close on your new home.

    Change in Family Status

    Sometimes a divorce situation forces a quick move. And in other cases, blending families might mean you need to move to have more space. Adding children to your family is exciting, but you may need extra room to accommodate more little ones. Other changes in family status could include having other relatives move in with you or downsizing your house after your children move out.

    Moving Tips for a Quick Move

    If a last-minute, fast move is in your future, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Start immediately.
    • Create a packing and moving checklist, complete a timeline, and stick to it.
    • Contact moving companies for quotes and help with packing and storage needs.
    • Set up utilities in your new place and arrange to shut off utilities in your current home.
    • Cull through belongings and donate what you don’t need (if time allows).
    • Take photos of your things before packing them.
    • Get friends and family to assist you.
    • Create an essentials box or kit.

    Moving In a Hurry? We Can Help!

    If you have to move in a rush, there are so many things to do it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Contact us, and we can help with everything from packing to shipping your items across the country if necessary.