6 Things to Include in Your ‘First-Night’ Essentials Boxes
  • 6 Things to Include in Your ‘First-Night’ Essentials Boxes

    14 Feb

    6 Things to Include in Your ‘First-Night’ Essentials Boxes

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    Planning a move entails juggling numerous details. However, one crucial step you don’t want to neglect is assembling a “first-night” essentials box. Without this container, it’ll be challenging to have the necessities needed and will add stress to what’s already going to have been an exhausting day.

    The purpose of a first-night essentials box is to ensure the family has essential items upon their arrival to the new home. It also eliminates poking through boxes or making late-night runs to the store to grab essentials that simply can’t wait.

    To help you plan, we’ve assembled a list of six everyday things people typically need during the first night in their new home.

    1. Personal Essentials

    Everyone in the household will need at least one clean set of PJs for the first night and a set of clothing to wear the day after the move. Other essential items are toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, hair products, medications, razors/shaving cream, and other personal hygiene products. One way to approach it is to think of any items you’d need for an overnight trip or weekend getaway. The items needed for short trips should go into the first night box.

    2. Electronics

    Most people will have their phones in their pockets, jackets, or purses during the move, but also remember to pack additional items needed. For example, kids might want their tablets and headphones, and everyone will need chargers. If you require a laptop to check in at work or school, make sure that it goes in the box as well.

    3. Cleaning Supplies

    Chances are a new home will look clean, but you’ll want to clean a few key areas to ensure you have scrubbed away dirt and germs. Items to have easily accessible should include disinfectant wipes, paper towels, cleaning rags, cleaners, scrub brushes, gloves, dish soap/dishwasher detergent, mop, broom, and a dustpan. Bring these items in the car, if possible, because if you arrive before the movers, you can get a good jump on cleaning before your belongings arrive.

    4. Bedroom Items

    No one wants to start their first night off uncomfortable. Be sure to wash and pack clean sheets/pillowcases, pillows, and extra blankets. For families with kids, be sure to pack any special items (e.g., toys, blankies, pacifiers, or things they need to go to sleep. Parents of infants and toddlers will want to remember baby monitors.

    5. Kitchen Essentials

    Many people will order take-out the first night, but some kitchen essentials should go into the box. Items to include are a coffee maker, mugs, glasses, dishes, utensils, napkins, and, for babies, bottles. Snacks, drinks, and easy-to-prep breakfast items are also good additions, along with a couple of trash bags.

    6. Bathroom Necessities

    Be sure to pack essential items such as toilet paper, hand soap, towels, soap for the shower, washcloths, shower liner/curtain and hooks, and a bath mat.

    Moving Made Easy

    After inventorying household needs, chances are you might need a few boxes. Additional tips to make life easier include:

    • Bringing as many essentials as possible in your car
    • Load any essentials not going in the car last (just ask the movers, they’ll be happy to accommodate!)
    • Label essentials boxes

    Your first 24 hours will be a flurry of activity. However, setting aside essential items will make it go more smoothly.

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