5 Top Gyms in Columbus, OH
  • 5 Top Gyms in Columbus, OH

    15 Aug

    5 Top Gyms in Columbus, OH

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    As you’re getting ready to move to Columbus—the capital of the Buckeye State—you’re likely getting your cardio in as you pack up your belongings. However, once you get settled in your new home, you might want to look at all the fitness options Columbus, OH, offers. We’ve compiled a list of five top gyms you’ll want to consider once you finish unpacking.

    1. The Pro’s Gym—9 E. Long Street

    Every year, the Arnold Sports Festival takes Columbus by storm, and The Pro’s Gym is proud to be the official gym of the competition. So no matter what your health and fitness goals are, trainers at The Pro’s Gym will be able to help you get there, one workout at a time. The gym has been in business for four decades, helping fitness professionals and people who just want to get their sweat on to achieve maximum results.

    2. The Fitness Loft Columbus–625 Parsons Avenue

    The professionals at The Fitness Loft create an environment where people don’t just feel motivated to work out—they also want people to stay committed to living healthier outside the gym. So whether you’re looking for group fitness classes or updated equipment to lift or get your cardio fix, The Fitness Loft has you covered.

    3. The Warehouse Gym & Fitness Personal Training—1110 Chambers Road

    Maybe you’re looking for a 24-hour gym so you can work out whenever it makes sense for you.  Are you searching for a personal trainer to take your fitness to the next level? Then you’ll find what you need at The Warehouse. With no contract and all-day-all-night access, The Warehouse lets you take charge of your fitness journey, working out in a way that’s convenient for your mind, body, and schedule.

    4. Arena District Athletic Club–325 John H. McConnell Boulevard

    Not sure if personal training is the right fit for you? When you start at Arena District Athletic Club, you’ll get three free sessions, perfect for deciding the next step in your fitness. You’ll also have access to updated equipment, group fitness classes, and a Hydro-Massage bed to let your sore muscles get rid of post-workout stress.

    5. Snap Fitness 24/7 German Village–864 3rd Street

    If you work a job with a schedule that makes it challenging to get to the gym, Snap Fitness in the German Village in Columbus has you covered. You’ll get to meet others in your neighborhood, develop a positive relationship with your body, and never have a reason to say you’re too busy to work out.

    You Move to Columbus

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