Simplify Your Small Business Move with a 6-Month-Ahead Checklist
  • Simplify Your Small Business Move with a 6-Month-Ahead Checklist

    16 Oct

    Simplify Your Small Business Move with a 6-Month-Ahead Checklist

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    As a small business owner, moving can look like one of the most daunting tasks you can ever face. However, sometimes, moving can mean better access to a pool of clients and significant opportunities for growth. With the proper planning, advanced strategies, and a good office moving company, the transition can be as seamless as possible. 

    Most professionals will tell you an efficient relocation for a business begins months in advance. Here are a few things you can do about six months in advance to get the process off to an excellent start.

    Take a look at your current lease.

    If you are leasing your building, it is good to get out your lease agreement and get a good look at it when you know your business will need to move. Several things to pay attention to so you can plan accordingly include:

    • How to notify the property owner that you will be moving
    • How your lease deposit will be handled, and what you need to do to get it back
    • When you need to submit your moving notice
    • What property components must remain in the building

    Get quotes from professional movers.

    Moving will involve some expense, and you don’t want the costs of moving to cut too far into your bottom line. Therefore, getting a good idea of costs involved at least six months in advance is a good idea. This will give you time to work the added costs into your business budget without a detrimental effect on other business financial responsibilities. Then, get quotes from several moving companies, and schedule a moving date to get a head start.

    Create a moving budget that minds your bottom line.

    As mentioned, creating a budget is hugely important when moving your small business, and this is an aspect of planning that should be done well in advance. Take a look at what you anticipate you can afford and compare that to your assumed costs to see where you need to adjust. A few things you may have to pay for during the move beyond help from professional movers include:

    • Equipment disassembly or setup
    • Packing supplies (moving boxes, filler material, etc.)
    • New utility setup costs
    • IT help for electronic equipment setup
    • Overtime pay for employees that you enlist for help

    Something else to figure in—you may face a loss of productivity during the move, which in turn affects your ability to make money. For example, if you have a small retail store, you may have to shut down for a few days for the move, which means you have a few days of no in-store profit.

    Assemble a team of planners.

    If you have several employees within your business, bring at least a few of them on board to help with planning. Designating specific people with specific planning tasks can lighten the load for the business owner. For instance, you could have the manager over one department make plans for the move in their specific area.

    Need Help with Your Small Business Move?

    Business relocation can bring new possibilities for your organization, and the move itself should just be a stepping stone to a bigger future. If you need help with your small business move, be sure to contact professional movers for help. Reach out to us to get your free moving quote and schedule your moving date today.