Things to Do in the First Few Days After Your Move
  • Things to Do in the First Few Days After Your Move

    15 Jun

    Things to Do in the First Few Days After Your Move

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    Moving involves a lot of tasks. Just thinking about them may make you feel a bit overwhelmed. The good news is that you don’t have to accomplish all the tasks right away. Here are a few to prioritize and complete within the first few days in your new home.

    Check the Condition of Your Home

    You probably did a walk-through of your new home with your real estate agent or landlord before the move. Now, you want to make sure the house is still in the same condition it was then. Make sure all the appliances work and check the filter in the HVAC and the lint filter in the dryer. Clean the home thoroughly.

    Change the Locks

    If you own your new home, change the locks. You have no way of knowing whether the previous owner may still have keys or who they may have given copies to and forgotten.

    Consider whether you’ll want a security system and if so, make an appointment to have the system set up.

    Unpack Essential Items

    You don’t have to unpack everything all at once — start with your essential items. Unpack essential kitchen items, a few changes of clothes, toiletries, some towels and bed linens, and your children’s things first. Make all the beds.

    Childproof Your Home

    If you have children, check the home for hazards, starting with their rooms and then moving into more public areas. Then find a way to eliminate the risks.

    Children also will feel more comfortable when they see familiar things. Set their room up first, if possible. Take them around the house to acclimate them. Be sure to point out all the fun features such as hidden stairwells and big old trees.

    If they are old enough to play by themselves, set up some yard games outside to occupy them while you unpack.

    Help Pets Feel Safe

    Set up your pet’s space right away. Often moving makes dogs and cats anxious so try to stick with your pet’s routine as much as possible. Spend the first few days after the move at home with them, if possible.

    Be Ready in Case of Emergency

    Check to be sure all the smoke alarms have batteries and operate correctly. Locate your fuse box and primary water shutoff valve in case you need them.

    Phone and Internet

    If you’re planning to use a landline phone, set up the service. Once the service begins, test it to make sure it operates properly. A working Internet connection also is critical to settling in properly, so set that up right away as well.

    Set Up One Room at a Time

    Sometimes breaking your tasks into small bits will make them seem less challenging. Start with the kid’s room, then do the kitchen, your room, and the bathroom. After that, tackle the living areas.

    Meet the Neighbors

    You don’t need to wait until you’re all settled in to meet your new neighbors. Hopefully, some will come over bearing housewarming gifts, cooked food, or just a friendly hello. Regardless, as soon as you can, introduce yourself to those neighbors nearest you. They may have good suggestions about restaurants and food delivery options to help you get through your first days.

    Moving Success

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