10 Kitchen Items to Leave Behind When Packing to Move
  • 10 Kitchen Items to Leave Behind When Packing to Move

    31 May

    10 Kitchen Items to Leave Behind When Packing to Move

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    Packing an entire kitchen collection can make for a bulky move. Moving is a great time to cut the clutter. Here are ten kitchen items better left behind when you are packing to move.

    1. Expired Pantry Foods

    Most people have a vast collection of pantry foods in their cupboards. Ditch expired items such as boxed and canned foods, along with spices beyond their expiration dates. To further lighten the load, donate non-perishable foods not eaten but not expired.

    2. Refrigerator Items

    About a month before your move, take inventory of your refrigerator and freezer. Plan meals around these items because chances are it’ll be difficult or impossible to take along perishables. Use ingredients to prepare meals ahead of time and take them out to reheat. It’ll help cut down on waste and save money on takeout during days you’re too busy to cook.

    3. Chipped Dishware

    Meticulously go through cabinets and select the sets in good shape to pack. Any mismatches or chipped dishware sets can go on the “donate” pile. If this means the entire collection, splurge on a new one after the move.

    4. Duplicate Cooking Utensils

    Chances are two large whisks aren’t needed, so get rid of the older one. Then go through all kitchen drawers and donate or give away any duplicate serving spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, and other like items.

    5. Unused Appliances

    Many standalone items, once en vogue, may likely be residing in the back of kitchen cabinets collecting dust. Do you have a fondue set you never use? Donate it. Or maybe you’re hanging on to three slow cookers — give away or sell two of them. Keep only the appliances used regularly.

    6. Old Mugs

    Do you have several shelves of mugs that don’t create a set? If you’ve got a collection of random mugs, now’s a great time to downsize the ones that go largely unused.

    7. Scratched or Worn Pots and Pans

    Scratched-up or worn pots and pans have likely reached their expiration point. Damaged cookware doesn’t work as well, and moving is a great time to treat yourself to a new set.

    8. Old Pot Holders and Dish Towels

    Old worn-out, stained, or burned pot holders are great items to purge. Same with thinned and mismatched dish towels.

    9. Plastic Storage Containers

    Repurposing plastic takeout containers or holding onto plastic storage containers is an admirable way to live a greener lifestyle. Chances are you aren’t using them regularly. Take a few minutes to pair up containers with lids, select a few consistently used ones to keep.

    10. ‘Junk Drawer’ Items

    Most people have at least one drawer in a kitchen that is loaded with junk. Often, it’s useful junk, but when it gets cluttered to the point where you can’t find the good stuff, it’s time to reduce. Moving is the perfect time to ditch single-use condiments, take-out menus, and owners’ manuals of items no longer owned or tagged for donation.

    Generally, people find they can downsize several boxes worth in the kitchen alone, saving some money in the cost of an overall move and making for fewer boxes to unpack. The biggest perk may be a less cluttered, more organized new home!

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