Ways to Tell Your Children You’re Moving

17 Jun

Ways to Tell Your Children You’re Moving

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Relocating to a brand new home in another city is an adventurous and thrilling experience for the whole family. However, the moving process can be tiring and stressful for all involved — from the adults to the children.

The proper stage must be set as your family embarks on this new experience. Telling your kids about the move can set the tone for the rest of the moving process.

The move will be a challenge for everyone, especially your kids if they are moving to a new state and new school district. Ease your children into the moving concept and make them feel more comfortable about moving.

Here are some tips for telling your kids about your relocation.

Tell Your Kids Right Away

The ideal time to tell your kids about the family move is as soon as you know you will be making the move. 

Moving away from the people and places that they have always known is intimidating and uncertain for kids. Give them as much time as possible to get used to the concept of moving.

Keep in mind that kids tend to be intuitive, and the chances are that they will sense your mood and pick up on the fact that something is up.

The news about the upcoming household move should come from you, as their parents. Hearing it accidentally from an aunt or uncle or even a neighbor would be disappointing and could cause a loss of distrust and unneeded anxiety at an already tense time.

Select a Comfortable Location to Share the News

Each family is unique, and you will need to decide the appropriate spot to break the news to your kids. Have a family meeting to discuss the relocation.

Consider sharing the news during a family dinner where the kids feel safe and comfortable. Or, if your kids need a distraction, tell them away from home on vacation. Sometimes being away from friends and home can help some family members process the news better.

Encourage Questions

Upon sharing the news, encourage an open discussion so that your kids will ask questions about the move. Allowing questions about the move will help you grasp their emotions and understand what is important to them. You might not have all the answers right away, but try to answer honestly and forthright.

Get Them Excited

A good way to get your children excited about the move is to share your enthusiasm. Share positive aspects of the new town and community. Hop in the car and explore the area. Or, if you are moving a further, jump online, and explore the city through Google Maps. Locate things of interest like local parks, forest preserves, recreation centers, sports teams, or landmarks.

Get them excited about the new home as well. Take a virtual tour of the house. Encourage them to plan and decorate their new room

Try to identify things they can look forward to enjoying at their new home.

You’re on the Move!

Moving is an exciting experience. It will bring many changes to your family. Make sure your children are prepared for it by heading into the move with an open and positive attitude. You’ll find that your kids will follow your lead. 

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