Organizing Your Household Move for Greater Efficiency
  • Organizing Your Household Move for Greater Efficiency

    16 Sep

    Organizing Your Household Move for Greater Efficiency

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    Moving is a crazy, frantic, exciting, and distressing time all tied up in a tiny little bow – of packing tape! 

    But it doesn’t have to be crazy. If you take the time to organize your move from start to finish, you’ll find that it can be an orderly process. There might be a few glitches on moving day, but a little extra organization from the start will help smooth any bumps in the road. 

    Here’s what you need to do for an efficiently organized move.

    Begin with a Checklist

    The sooner you create your checklist, the better it will be for the sake of your organization, your sanity, and your move. 

    Many recommend beginning your moving checklist a full six months before moving day whenever possible. At the very least, you want two months to work through the items on your checklist

    Here are some things to include:

    • Get estimates from movers.
    • Plan visits to your new community for yourself and your children.
    • Arrange for utilities to be turned on and off at appropriate locations.
    • Move banks (if required).
    • Arrange for school, medical, veterinarian records, etc. to be sent to appropriate locations.
    • Arrange for friends and family to assist on moving day.
    • Transfer insurance to the new address and arrange for new insurance if necessary.

    These things are good to plan and organize far ahead of your move date whenever possible. You’ll find that every check you mark on your list improves your confidence and provides a sense of peace about your upcoming move.

    Cull Through then Pack Out of Season Items First

    Whether you have lived in your home for a couple of years or a couple of decades, you’ve probably collected a lot of stuff. Now is the time to sort through the clutter and eliminate the things you no longer have use for. There is no sense in bringing it to your new home if you don’t need it.

    Systematically go through each room and examine each drawer, cabinet, and closet and decide if the items are things you use, love, or have an attachment to. Donate those items that don’t make the cut.

    Many people wait until too late to begin packing out of fear they’ll need items they’ve packed. That is rarely the case if you start by packing all your out-of-season items first. This includes clothing, decorations, bed linens, and more.

    If you feel overrun with boxes once you have these items packed, consider renting a storage unit for a short time. As your move day approaches, you will have more room in your home to work with to pack the everyday items.

    Plan Your Meals Carefully

    As you hit the two-month mark, it’s time to start emptying out your pantry and freezer. Consume as much of the food in your home as possible before the move. That way, you don’t have to pack these things to take with you or get rid of them before you go.

    Also, adjust your grocery buying habits with that in mind. Instead of purchasing these items you usually buy so that you don’t run out of them, place that money in a grocery fund so that you can make one big shopping trip once you move.

    Create a meal plan designed to use up all the food in the house. Once your pantries are bare, you’ll have an excuse to visit all your favorite restaurants one more time before leaving town.

    Moving Organization

    Three things may not seem like a lot to organize your move, but these three little things can make a difference in how smoothly your move goes. Combine them with an expert moving service and your own your way!

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