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  • Tips on What Not to Pack – Irreplaceable and High-Value Items

    12 Jun

    Tips on What Not to Pack – Irreplaceable and High-Value Items

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    Keep valuables like jewelry with you during moving.When planning your move, there are certain items you should arrange to carry with you instead of packing on the moving van.

    These include family photos and other items with high sentimental value, prescription medicines, personal and financial records, and cash, jewelry and other items with high monetary value.

    Here’s a list of items to keep with you during your move:

    • Address Books
    • Airline Tickets
    • Car Titles
    • Cash
    • Cell Phones
    • Checkbooks
    • Computer Data Files/Backups
    • Family Photographs & Albums
    • Financial Documents (Stocks, Bonds, CDs, IRAs, Deeds, Tax Records)
    • Home Videos
    • Insurance Policies
    • School Records
    • Jewelry and Furs
    • Keys (Car, Furniture, New Home)
    • Laptop Computers
    • Medical/Dental Records
    • New Home Documents
    • Prescription Medicine
    • Professional Files/Research Projects

    In addition to irreplaceable and high-value items, Herlihy Moving & Storage cannot carry hazardous materials. We also do not transport perishable foods and plants on long-distance moves. (link to other blog posts, above)

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