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  • Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Move

    27 Feb

    Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Move

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    Herlihy Columbus Ohio movers offers money-saving tips on movingMoving is the third most stressful event of a person’s life. And worrying about the associated costs only adds to that anxiety. That’s why we’ve put together these tips to help you save money on your moving expenses.

    Time your move

    Most people move May through August, which is peak moving season. Also, most people move on the weekends or at the end of the month. If you can schedule your move when demand for moving services is lower, you may get a better price and greater flexibility in pickup and delivery times.

    Eat creatively

    Avoid grocery shopping and eating out in the weeks before moving. Be creative and put together meals using what you have in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry. Remember, frozen foods cannot be moved. Canned and boxed goods just add to the weight of your shipment and increase costs.

    Travel wisely

    Making travel plans ahead of time can save money. Use travel discounts like AAA to save on hotel rooms. Be sure to take the toll-free number of the hotel with you; it saves money if you need to call while in route.

    Collect what’s yours

    Whether it is an apartment or utility deposit, it’s easier to get your money back before you move. If you paid a pet deposit, look into that too. Don’t forget about items you might have in layaway or items that are being cleaned, stored or repaired. And stop by your workout facility, club or bowling alley to make sure you’ve emptied your locker.

    Get your dues

    Check with clubs and organizations to see if you can sell your membership, get a partial refund, or transfer your membership to your new location.

    Contact the IRS

    Don’t forget to notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about your change of address. Each year, the post office is unable to deliver thousands of tax refund checks! One of the main reasons stated is that people don’t inform the IRS of their new residence. A change of address form (Form No. 8822) is available on the IRS website.

    Deduct your moving costs

    Speaking of the IRS, if your move is prompted by a change in job locations or starting a new job, some moving expenses may be deductible on your federal income tax return. Consult the IRS or your personal tax adviser for information.

    Pack yourself

    Save money on your moving expenses by doing the packing and unpacking yourself. Plan on a good six weeks to pack and get ready for a move. Ask your Herlihy consultant for do-it-yourself packing materials to protect your belongings. Make sure you use proper packing cartons and wrapping materials. While old boxes and masking tape may save you a bit of money upfront, they are not strong enough to protect your items during transit. Replacing items after the move can cost much more than proper packing materials.

    Mayflower portable storage containers (pods) present another money-saving option for do-it-yourself packing.

    Reduce your load

    Weight equals money. The less weight, the less money. It’s that simple. So lighten your load before moving. Raise some quick cash or generate tax-deductible charitable donations while saving money on your move. You can sell unwanted items at garage sales, flea markets, secondhand stores or via online auction. A growing number of charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill and the Furniture Bank are eager to receive your gently used items.

    Cash in with free gifts

    After your move, be on the lookout for coupons, discounts and free offers from local businesses. Don’t automatically toss out what looks like junk mail during this time because you may be throwing away free offers. Take advantage of savings!

    Looking for more advice on planning your move or relocation? Contact Herlihy Moving & Storage today to talk with one of our moving consultants.