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Choosing Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

23 Jan

Choosing Moving Boxes and Packing Materials

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Tips on choosing moving boxes and packing supplies from Herlihy Moving & StorageAt Herlihy Moving & Storage, we understand that moving can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life. After all, we have been moving families for generations!

We have found that many people prefer to have all of their household possessions, especially fragile items, professionally packed by a moving company. Ask your Herlihy moving consultant about our packing services. We make the extra effort to keep fragile items secure.

Other customers prefer to pack some or all of their belongings before a move. Here are some tips for choosing moving supplies for do-it-yourself packing. You can obtain moving supplies from your Herlihy moving consultant or pick them up on your own.

Packing Supplies

Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to gather everything you’ll need. Here are moving supplies we recommend you have on hand.

Sturdy boxes. Choose boxes of various sizes with flaps that can be completely closed. We offer a range of small, medium and large moving boxes as well as specialty dish pack, mirror pack, wardrobe and mattress boxes.

Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as books and CDs and larger boxes for fluffy or bulky items such as pillows and bedspreads. Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Try not to exceed 50 pounds of belongings in each carton.

Packing paper. You’ll need packing paper to wrap everyday items and to wad up as cushioning in boxes. Some people use newspaper, but the ink easily rubs off on your hands and belongings. Your Herlihy moving consultant can provide unprinted newsprint paper, which keeps your belongings clean and your hands free of ink.

Tissue paper. Softer than newsprint, tissue paper is used for wrapping delicate items. You can also use it for cushioning and to fill in small spaces when packing fragile china, figurines and other breakable items.

Buy acid-free paper if you plan to wrap textile items such as a wedding dress for long-term storage. Over time, most tissue paper will become acidic and brittle.  The acidity will transfer to adjacent objects, possibly causing deterioration and discoloration of the fabric.

Paper pads. Use these thick paper pads like gift wrap to protect your paintings, lamp shades, large mirrors and other fragile items.

Bubble wrap. This plastic packing material contains hundreds of air bubbles. Use it to wrap fragile items such as lamps and framed pictures and as an over-wrap for small, delicate items after they are wrapped in tissue paper. Remember to use special, static-free bubble wrap for packing electronics.

Packing or shipping tape. You’ll need strong, high-quality tape to secure boxes after packing. Look for wide, brown or clear tape specifically made for packing and shipping. For easier application, use a tape gun or tape dispenser. Don’t use clear Scotch® tape or masking tape, which aren’t strong enough to handle the stress of moving.

Sealable plastic bags. Place nuts and bolts in small bags as you disassemble items, and then tape the bag to the item in an inconspicuous place. Also use plastic bags to enclose liquid soaps and lotions from the bathroom and kitchen. Liquids can leak, and the last thing you want is to unpack a soggy cardboard box!

Felt-tipped permanent markers. Mark each box with the contents and the room to which it belongs. Write “Open First” on cartons containing essential items such as cooking utensils, toiletries, etc. Remember to mark boxes containing breakable items with “Fragile” and “This Side Up” as appropriate.

Keep in mind that Herlihy Moving & Storage does not accept liability for the contents of owner-packed cartons. If you have any owner-packed cartons containing fragile, valuable or irreplaceable items, we recommend that you move these cartons yourself.

We hope these tips put you on your way to a simple, stress-free move. If you have any questions about the moving or packing process, please contact us today!

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