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  • Tips on How to Pack a Kitchen

    19 Dec

    Tips on How to Pack a Kitchen

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    Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events, but having a plan for what needs to be done helps to manage the stress. Follow these tips to pack up your kitchen with ease.

    Before you start, it’s a good idea to gather everything you’ll need:

    • Sturdy boxes of various sizes with flaps that can be completely closed.
    • Packing paper.
    • Small, sealable plastic bags.
    • Packing tape for sealing packed boxes.
    • Felt-tipped markers for labeling boxes.


    When you’re packing breakable items, you’ll want to fill the bottom of your cartons with crushed paper. Wrap all breakable plates in clean paper. Using several sheets, start from the corner and wrap diagonally. Continually tuck in the overlapping edges. A double layer serves well as an outer wrapping.

    Place them on their ends in a sturdy box, as if you’re storing vinyl records in their sleeves. Never pack them flat in the box.

    If you’re wrapping multiple plates of the same size, put a clean sheet of packing paper between the two plates, stack them on top of one another and wrap them together.

    Put the heaviest items in the bottom and build up in layers, with the lighter items on top. Divide the layers with crushed paper. Fill in empty spaces with paper for a tight pack. Seal the box. Label with the name of the room, what’s inside the box and the word fragile with an arrow pointing up.

    For bowls with lids, place a layer of paper above the top of the bowl. Put the lid upside down in the bowl and wrap the bowl and lid together in clean paper, followed by an outer double layer.

    For other bowls, wrap two together in the same way as plates.

    When packing odd-shaped items, be sure to protect any handles by rolling a piece of packing paper and wrapping it around the handle. Wrap the rest of the item in a double layer of paper.  When packing cups wrap them individually. Then, pack them upside down.

    Items such as toasters and other small appliances should be wrapped individually and packed in a carton with crushed paper. Label them for easy identification inside the box.

    Wrap pots, pans and other cookware in clean paper in the same way as plates.

    Here are some quick tips on food items. Do not take anything perishable. Take only food items you are sure will travel well. Seal with tape open boxes of dried or powdered foods such as rice, pasta and cereal. For items that can easily spill, place them in a sealable bag and protect with paper.

    Good packing is essential to a stress free move. As an authorized agent of Mayflower Moving, Herlihy Moving & Storage is here to guide you every step of the way.

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