We Moved a Holiday Inn Express Last Week … Now We Feel Smarter

27 Feb

We Moved a Holiday Inn Express Last Week … Now We Feel Smarter

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Herlihy Moving & Storage Moves Holiday Inn Express Grove CityIn keeping with its “Stay Smarter” advertising campaign, the Holiday Inn Express at 3951 Jackpot Road in Grove City, Ohio decided to renovate its building to present a smarter appearance.

Managers called on Herlihy Moving & Storage to transport the hotel’s furniture from Grove City, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana during the renovation. An award-winning agent for Mayflower Moving, Herlihy Moving & Storage has the knowledge, equipment and skilled team members needed to handle large-scale moves with ease.

The efficient Herlihy Moving & Storage team staged the move in short order. Room by room, a team of 6 movers emptied the hotel of its beds, tables, sofas, chairs, television sets and other furnishings. They carefully protected each piece before carrying it down long hallways and elevators to reach the 53-foot trucks. Upon reaching Indiana, they just as carefully unloaded each piece of furniture and placed it in storage.

We can’t say the move made us any smarter, but it did give us a chance to show off our skill in handing the logistics of complex long-distance moves. Thanks, Holiday Inn Express!

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