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  • iPads + Quotes-to-Go = Better Relocation Planning

    25 Feb

    iPads + Quotes-to-Go = Better Relocation Planning

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    Thanks to 21st century technology, most of the information we need to manage our lives is available 24/7 via smartphones, tablets and laptops. From shopping to social networking, mobile technologies have become an integral part of modern life.

    These same technologies are now making it easier for Ohio consumers to decide when and how to relocate their household goods.

    At Herlihy Moving & Storage, our representatives are using the Apple iPad™ platform to access Quotes-to-Go, a proprietary, web-based customer service application from Mayflower Moving.

    Quotes-to-Go enables our representatives to simplify decision-making in planning relocations in Columbus, Ohio or across the U.S. We use touch-screen tablets to select every piece of furniture, every box and everything that our customers would like us to pack, load and transport for them.

    Through Quotes-to-Go, we can provide customers with:

    • Real-time pricing estimates for relocation services
    • Side-by-side quote comparisons
    • Electronic acceptance of moving documents and contracts
    • Easy-to-read inventories
    • Quick access to results from relocation surveys

    Combined with our 90+ years of moving experience, innovative tools like Quotes-to-Go allow Herlihy Moving & Storage to increase efficiency throughout the moving process, from the initial estimating appointment to the delivery of our customer’s household goods.

    If you’re considering a move to or from Ohio, contact Herlihy Moving & Storage to see Quotes-to-Go in action. You’ll be amazed at how we can use technology to simplify the moving process.