Vorys offers a comprehensive relocation package, but some exclusions and limitations do apply. If you have any questions about what is covered in your move, please contact your Herlihy Mayflower moving coordinator.

Vorys will not pay to move the following:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Coin and Stamp Collections
  • Important Documents (i.e., Passport, Deeds of Trust)
  • Precious Stones or Gems
  • Automobiles

Vorys will pay to move the following items but will not cover the cost of third-party services required to disassemble and reassemble them:

  • Playground Apparatus
  • Spas
  • Tool Sheds
  • Workshops

Vorys will pay to move the following items, but will require an appraisal, at your expense:

  • Antiques
  • Grand Pianos
  • Fur Coats
  • Sterling Silver (i.e. Cutlery, Serving ware, etc.)
  • High-Value Items*

* If you have any questions regarding payment for any high-value item, please contact your Herlihy Mayflower moving coordinator.

Vorys will not pay for packing of non-breakable items. The transferee must pre-pack these items, including: books, pots and pans, Tupperware, everyday dishes, videos, tapes, CDs, DVDs, clothing, shoes, bedding, linens, desk contents, etc.

Vorys will pay for packing services for the following items*:

  • China
  • Crystal
  • Lamps
  • Shades
  • Mirrors
  • Pictures
  • Glass Tops
  • Glass Shelves
  • Electronics
  • Hanging Clothes (On Hangers)
  • Mattresses

*If needed, your Herlihy Mayflower moving coordinator can supply boxes, tape and paper.

Vorys will not pay for the following:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Work
  • Weekend or Holiday Loading/Unloading
  • Unpacking Service
  • Maid Service
  • Car Storage
  • Piano Tuning
  • Plumbing

If your new home is not ready to move into, the Vorys policy allows for 90 days of storage.

Moving can be a big responsibility. Please review the list below to familiarize yourself with some of the responsibilities you should expect to assume both before and during your move. (In the list below, transferee refers to the Vorys employee.)

  • All jewelry, coin and stamp collections, currency, medications, and important papers and documents (including tax and other records) must be transported by the transferee. There is no carrier liability on your behalf for these items.
  • Transferee must be present during all phases of the move.
  • The transferee should check all dresser drawers to be sure nothing valuable or breakable is left in them the day before the packers arrive. Items left in drawers will be transported as-is.
  • Any item that is screwed, nailed or bolted down (for example, affixed to the walls or ceiling) must be taken down by the transferee if he/she wishes to ship it.
  • Any handguns and ammunition must be transported by the transferee.
  • The transferee must provide the packer and drivers with a list of serial numbers for all guns (other than handguns) to be transported. The packers will write the serial numbers on the cartons.
  • The transferee should identify a specific area, such as a closet, where all items not to be packed or transported are to be placed one day prior to the packer's arrival.
  • The transferee needs to empty, defrost, and clean the refrigerator and freezer before the driver arrives. Perishable items cannot be transported.
  • All flammable/hazardous items must be transported by the transferee. This includes aerosol cans of any kind, fire extinguishers, paint and paint cleaners, ammonia of any kind, cleaning fluids and matches.
  • If cars are being moved, the gas tank should be one-quarter full or less. (Please note: Vorys will not pay for the movement for automobiles. For additional items that are not covered under the Vorys Relocation Policy, please visit the Authorized Items page.)
  • Computers need to be made ready for transport, including information back-up, etc., by the transferee.
  • Lawn mowers and other gasoline engines must be emptied of oil and gas. In addition, the transferee should wash out gas cans that are being transported to avoid fumes.
  • Trash cans should be cleaned out by the transferee.
  • Barbecue grills that use coals should be cleaned out by the transferee the day before the packers arrive.
  • Transferee must remove items from attics.
  • Make sure that you agree with the inventory at origin and that all items have been inventoried.
  • At time of delivery, check off all items from inventory. Note any visible damage to household goods or property on the inventory forms.
  • When loading is complete and prior to signing the papers, make a final inspection of your home inside and out to verify everything has been loaded. Don't forget to look behind doors and in closets, the basement, storage buildings, garage and yard.
  • Please let us know before moving day if your present home or new home cannot be accessed by large moving trucks.

Plan ahead regarding prescription medications – make sure you'll have enough with you during your move, and transfer prescriptions to your new pharmacy in advance of your move.

Moving Tips

The following is a partial list of moving tips that covers some of the most important things to consider.

  • Stock up on packing supplies. Moving boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, packing foam, packing tape, plastic totes – anything and everything you can gather (ahead of time) will help when it's time to begin packing.
  • Start the packing process early. The earlier you begin packing (view our packing tips), the more organized and stress-free your moving process will be.
  • Mark all moving containers with the contents and location in your new home. You can lose a lot of time (you and/or your movers) digging into boxes to figure out what they contain, and where they go in your new home.
  • De-clutter and purge unwanted items. The more items you can donate, give away or sell, the lighter your load will be – saving you packing time, loading time and, ultimately, money.
  • Make a list of all utilities you'll need to contact to set up end-of-service dates and final bill details. Make a second list of utilities to contact with start-of-service dates at your new home. Check off each utility as you make arrangements.
  • Make a similar list for all other bills, like mortgages, auto loans/leases, and credit card and cell phone accounts.
  • Try to move during the week, when more services like banks, government offices, utilities, mechanics and tow-services are open, in the event you run into any problems and need assistance.
  • If you have pets, make plans well ahead of time as to where to keep them during the move – and how you'll transport them to your new home.
  • If you're having Mayflower do the packing and moving, make sure to separate valuable and/or irreplaceable items like important paperwork/documents, jewelry, family heirlooms, keepsakes, photos or any other items that we cannot transport or that you'd feel more comfortable moving yourself.
  • Don't forget to file your change of address with the Post Office.
  • Plan regarding prescription medications – make sure you'll have enough with you during your move, and transfer prescriptions to your new pharmacy in advance of your move.

Your Herlihy Mayflower moving coordinator is an excellent resource for any additional questions you encounter when planning a move. Most of our coordinators have many years of moving experience. Chances are, they’ll not only have an answer to your question – they’ll have a range of answers and helpful solutions.