How to Announce a Business Relocation to Your Team
  • How to Announce a Business Relocation to Your Team

    28 Dec

    How to Announce a Business Relocation to Your Team

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    When planning to relocate your business to a new location, many elements of how your business functions can be affected. Your employees can face some of the most significant changes due to the move beyond just the physical process of moving itself.

    Research indicates that around 72 percent of employees would be willing to move with an employer as long as that employer covered relocation costs. However, to make sure employee retention remains high, you do have to do your part as a thoughtful employer who is invested in the company’s team. Consider a few important things to remember when announcing a business relocation to your team.

    Be Mindful of Moving Repercussions for Employees

    When your company decides to relocate, even within the same city, this can bring along repercussions for employees. For example, with a new location, employees may have a longer commute and need to pay more for daycare costs if they get home from work later than they already do.

    As you plan to make your moving announcements, be mindful of the negative ways that the change could affect your employees. Anticipating these issues will help you develop a cautious approach to making the announcement using the appropriate terminology.

    Ensure All Departments Are Involved in the Announcement

    When making a significant announcement like this, ensure you notify all employees simultaneously. If not, it leaves time for the announcement to spread from employee to employee instead of from upper management. Some employees may feel left out or like they are not important enough to be given this information along with other people. Therefore, if you have multiple departments, ensure all departments receive the information all at once.

    Be Prepared to Answer Hard Questions

    Your employees will have many questions about the relocation, some of which will be emotionally charged. Therefore, be prepared to answer complex questions by reviewing anticipated questions before the announcement. A few examples of questions that may come up include:

    • Why is the company moving, and how will it affect the workforce?
    • Will employees be expected to work longer hours during the move?
    • Will employees who must relocate be fairly compensated?
    • Will there be pay adjustments for employees who have a longer commute?

    Put the Announcement and Details in Writing

    While it is vital to communicate the plans for the move verbally, it can also be helpful to put the details in writing. This ensures all employees have a reference for what to expect, which can be beneficial throughout the process. Before the announcement, create a document that outlines key dates and covers some of the details of the move, such as information about the new location and how process and production may change moving forward.

    Keep an Open Door Policy Leading Up to the Move to Help Employees

    Encourage employees to visit the human resources office or schedule a meeting with managers with questions or concerns. This kind of open-door policy supports two-way communication and makes employees feel like their voices matter to the company.

    Make the Move 

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