How to Pack Your Child's Bedroom
  • How to Pack Your Child’s Bedroom

    30 Nov

    How to Pack Your Child’s Bedroom

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    Are you anticipating an upcoming local or long-distance move? As a parent, you are undeniably facing a lot of tasks on your to-do list. However, one of the process’s most challenging parts is packing up your child’s bedroom. Kids can get very emotional about their personal space and possessions. Additionally, they may be emotionally upset because of the impending changes. Therefore, having a good plan in place for packing their bedroom during the move can be helpful. Look at a few tips to help you along the way.

    1. Preparing for Packing

    As you get prepared to start the packing process, take the time to explain to your child what they can expect. Explain to them that you must place all their belongings in boxes and protect them so they arrive safely in their new bedroom. It can be helpful to take the time to break down the steps of what will take place so nothing unexpected causes unease.

    For example, ensure the child knows that once you pack their belongings, movers will load them onto a moving truck that will take them to the new house. This can also be an excellent time to encourage your child to donate items they no longer play with or use to another child.

    2. Gathering Packing Supplies

    Essential packing materials needed for a child’s bedroom are the same as elsewhere. You will need:

    • Sturdy cardboard boxes for books and heavier toys
    • Labeling supplies to keep the items sorted
    • Packing and filler materials to protect breakables

    As you collect packing supplies, allow your child to help with specific steps. For example, allow your child to choose what color packing tape they want on the boxes that hold the items from their bedroom or what labels they wish to use. You could even give them markers and stickers to decorate the boxes from their room uniquely.

    3. Packing Strategies for Different Items

    The Child Mind Institute says that one of the main ways you can help your child feel stable during the transition of moving is to involve them in packing. Therefore, allow them to help you pack in their bedroom. Along the way, you will find many items the child can pack independently, such as stuffed animals, books, and most toys. You can allow them to help you pack more delicate items, such as pictures from the walls or decorative items that need extra wrapping to protect fragility.

    The timing of packing your child’s bedroom is also important. Many parents save a child’s room as one of the last rooms to pack so the child remains comfortable until right before moving day. Additionally, it is a good idea to allow children to keep a few comfort items with them that you don’t need to pack but can bring in an essentials box or special backpack designated for your child.

    4. Involving the Child and Maintaining Comfort

    After completing the packing in your child’s bedroom, make an effort to keep the child involved and informed. Encourage your little one to help with packing other areas, suggest tasks to be a big helper, and keep them informed about when specific objectives will take place. If there is room in the moving schedule, take them to spend some time at the new house and allow them to get familiar with their new bedroom.

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