Tips to Set Up Utilities in Your New Home
  • Tips to Set Up Utilities in Your New Home

    11 May

    Tips to Set Up Utilities in Your New Home

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    Setting up utilities is a necessary part of the household moving process. You’ll want them before moving day so you can settle into a temperature-controlled home with plenty of light and running hot water. You also want to turn off the utilities in your old house to avoid paying more than you need.

    Here are some tips on setting up the utilities in your new home.

    1. Make a List

    Develop a checklist of your utilities, including cable, Internet, phone, electricity, water, gas, and trash. The utilities will vary depending on where you move and what services your homeowners’ association or landlord might provide.

    At least four weeks before your move, research the companies that provide these services in your new neighborhood and put contact numbers opposite each category on the list. In a deregulated market, you may have a choice of utility providers. However, in many markets, only one provider may be available for each service.

    Also, list the utilities and contact information for those services in your old home that you’ll no longer need.

    2. Call Current Providers

    Call current providers and give them the date you intend to move. If you want to return to the home to pick up last-minute items after the move date, consider keeping your electricity on for a couple of days beyond the move.

    If the provider is the same in both your new home and your old one, you must transfer the utilities to the new address. If the providers are different, you’ll need to have them cut off in your old home and then start with new providers when you move.

    3. Setting Up New Service

    Contact your new providers to set up service. Schedule a connection when you get the keys to your new place. Some utilities require letting the technician into your home. In this case, make an appointment and inquire how long the installation should take.

    Some utility providers will require a deposit. They also may require that you provide a credit card or checking account number to charge future payments. Be sure to find out what the utility requires so that when you apply for the connection, you’ll have everything you need.

    If you are renting, the owner or apartment manager might require you to prove that you have utilities in your name. Find out how soon you must provide this information and what to provide.

    You’ll likely have several choices for TV, including cable, satellite, or streaming services. Likewise, you may be able to choose between cable and fiber optics for Internet service. Decide which works for you based on usage, budget, and lifestyle.

    4. Verify the Service

    Verify that the companies have turned your services on in your new home and off in your old one. 

    Turn on the tap and lights and adjust your thermostat in your new home. Check online to verify the cut-off at your old home. If you are still determining whether the company has taken the utilities out of your name, phone the company and note who you spoke with. Review your first and last bills for any errors.

    Make Your Move With Ease

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