5 Fantastic Museums in Columbus, OH
  • 5 Fantastic Museums in Columbus, OH

    25 May

    5 Fantastic Museums in Columbus, OH

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    Are you thinking about making Columbus, OH, your new home? Smart move! There’s so much to see and do in this vibrant city.

    One of the best ways to get to know your new hometown is by exploring local museums. Fortunately, Columbus has some fantastic museums that bring the city’s past and present to life. Here are five favorite don’t-miss museums in Columbus, OH.

    Columbus Museum of Art

    Get inspired at the Columbus Museum of Art. This institution’s collection includes 19th and 20th-century pieces from Europe and the Americas, as well as contemporary artworks and photography. Local and regional artists, such as Aminah Brenda, Lynn Robinson, and Elijah Bellows, are also represented.

    Take in the rotating exhibitions, where there’s always something new and creative to see. CMOA also offers studio classes, presentations, musical performances, and more yearly.

    Ohio History Center

    The Ohio History Center illustrates the region’s rich past through exhibits and interactive activities. Here, you’ll find collections that explore the wonder of Ohio’s nature, a look at Ohio’s sports teams, the legacy of John Glenn, and much more.

    Visitors during the warmer months can stroll through the Ohio Village. Then, plan your visit to take in a baseball game featuring the Ohio Village Muffins; this vintage team plays the game as it was envisioned in the 1800s.

    Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

    The next time you’re on The Ohio State University campus, stop by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum for a laugh. This unique museum holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of cartoons and comics.

    With hundreds of thousands of comic books, editorial cartoons, comic books, graphic novels, and more, you’re sure to find old friends from the funny pages and discover new favorites. The museum also offers exhibits, events, and presentations.

    Ohio Craft Museum

    The Ohio region has long been known for its expert craftspeople. Explore this rich history at the Ohio Craft Museum. Woodworking, ceramics, enamelists, glassblowers, fiber and clay artists — you’ll find all this and more in the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

    The Ohio Craft Museum offers classes, hands-on experiences, and workshops throughout the year. All ages are welcome. Take advantage of the gift shop featuring items crafted by local artisans.

    Central Ohio Fire Museum

    Firefighters risk their own lives to keep us safe, and the Central Ohio Fire Museum honors their sacrifice and bravery with displays of firefighting past, present, and future. Learn about life in the firehouse through the museum’s extensive collection of horse-drawn, hand-drawn, and motorized fire-fighting equipment.

    Photographs document firefighting history and bring the days of yore to life in this Columbus institution. The Central Ohio Fire Museum also offers fire safety classes and workshops for all ages.

    Columbus, OH, museums offer something for every interest. So whether you want to explore the past, learn a new skill, have a laugh, or take in some art, you’ll find it in Columbus.

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