Time to Move! A Simple Moving Timeline for Success
  • Time to Move! A Simple Moving Timeline for Success

    10 Apr

    Time to Move! A Simple Moving Timeline for Success

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    Are you anticipating a move in the near future? Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau states that the average individual in this country will move somewhere between 11 and 12 times in their lifetime. While a household move may be a necessary part of life, there can be so many important things to remember.

    Creating a moving schedule is an excellent place to start to keep yourself on track to get everything done by a specific date. Check out this simple moving timeline checklist to ensure your move goes smoothly.

    Six to Eight Weeks Before Moving Day

    This essential time is a time for planning to make things easier in the days ahead. Even better if you can get started before the six to eight-week point. A few items to take care of at this time include:

    • Create a list of things you need to get done
    • Set a budget and determine how much money you need
    • Arrange for time off from work
    • Start purging, donating, and giving away items you don’t want to take
    • Contact the moving company to get an estimate and schedule your move
    • Secure the moving supplies you think you will need

    Four Weeks Before Moving Day

    About a month before the move, it will be time to get serious about things like notifying the proper places and packing your belongings. Remember, if you’re renting, most states require you to give your landlord a 30-day notice. Here are a few other pointers to remember:

    • Submit your change of address forms from the post office
    • Notify the utility companies to discuss disconnecting or transferring services
    • Talk to your insurer about modifications to renters’ or homeowners’ insurance policies
    • Consider hosting a moving sale to get rid of the remaining items you want to liquidate
    • Get started on packing non-essentials like household decor and seasonal clothing

    Two Weeks Before Moving Day

    By the time you hit the two-week mark, you should already have a lot of your belongings packed. However, from now on, your primary focus will be on getting the rest of the house ready. Your checklist for the two-week mark should include the following:

    • Contact the moving company to verify the moving day schedule
    • Finish packing up everything except the absolute essentials
    • Eliminate any remaining items that you didn’t sell or donate
    • Check into renting a storage unit if necessary

    One Week Before Moving Day

    Getting to this point takes a lot of work. And, if all has gone as planned, this last week should allow you more free time to focus on cleaning up the old place and preparing the new home for living in. A few things to focus on this week include:

    • Clean the old house room-by-room
    • Confirm utilities are scheduled to be on at the new place
    • Complete a final walk-through of all the extended areas to make sure you don’t see anything you have forgotten
    • Submit your change of address forms to the post office
    • Schedule a sitter for the kids or boarding for your pets if needed
    • Disassemble any furniture you’re not using

    The Day Before Moving Day

    • Prepare your appliances for the move
    • Clean out your refrigerator and pack your food
    • Finish furniture disassembly
    • Do finishing touches on cleaning up
    • Make sure your essentials box is complete and pack up anything else remaining

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