What to Do Before Moving To An Apartment
  • What to Do Before Moving To An Apartment

    13 Feb

    What to Do Before Moving To An Apartment

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    Moving into an apartment, whether it’s your first place, an upgrade to a bigger apartment, or a downsize from a house, has special considerations. Before relocating to your new rental, you must attend to many details before you begin packing.

    Budget for Your Move

    If you are moving, it’s wise to determine a moving budget. A well-planned moving budget can help you anticipate and prepare for the costs. Here are a few things to include:

    • Moving fees
    • Packing services (if applicable)
    • Moving supplies
    • Fuel, hotels, and other potential costs

    It is important to research average moving costs. These costs will vary according to location, distance, weight, and move size. Expenses will also differ if you hire a full-service moving company or plan to do it yourself.

    Once you establish a realistic moving budget, it is essential you stick to it to avoid financial problems.

    Measure Your Space

    Once you’ve identified where you’ll move, measure the space before you move. This way, you aren’t bringing more items than you can fit – or worse – moving in furniture that won’t work with the space. Take the time to measure each room and large item before moving so you know which ones you want to sell or donate before moving day. Measuring will also help you determine what new furniture you may want to order.

    Read Your Rental Agreement Carefully 

    Leasing agreements are often long, tedious, and full of legalese, but carefully reading them is crucial. Leasing companies share many essential details in rental contracts, which include rent amount, security deposit, due dates, maintenance responsibilities, community guidelines, pet rules, what happens if you break your lease, and other terms.

    Update Your Address

    In addition to your family and friends, it’s important to let many others know you’re moving. So, be sure to let the following know about your move.

    • Utility companies (stop, open, or transfer services)
    • Employers
    • Government entities (e.g., IRS, Social Security Administration, DMV, or other agencies)
    • Insurance companies
    • Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions (remember to include online services such as PayPal or Venmo)
    • Schools
    • Delivery services (Amazon, food delivery, newspaper, etc.)

    Lastly, be sure to drop a change of address request at the USPS. 

    Keep in Touch With New Landlord

    To ensure a smooth move-in experience, touch base with your new landlord before moving day. Arrange for keys, ask about the parking situation, whether you can hang things on walls, if you’re allowed to paint rooms, whether there is a service elevator you can use (for apartment buildings), and other important moving-in processes and details.

    Consult Current Contract

    If you are leaving a current rental, check your lease to verify the move-out process, including a written notice to vacate. Then, check for additional directions, like a move-out checklist. This list will help you know when and where to return keys and how to optimize your apartment cleaning to better your chances of getting a full security deposit back.

    Planning for Your Move

    Once you’ve signed your lease, you’re ready to start planning how to transport your belongings. If you have any questions or want a free quote, contact us today!