Great Places to Catch Live Music in Columbus, OH
  • Great Places to Catch Live Music in Columbus, OH

    12 Jan

    Great Places to Catch Live Music in Columbus, OH

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    Have you decided to move to Columbus, Ohio? You’ll love what the city’s live music scene has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a rock music venue or something jazzy where you can relax with a glass of wine, the vibrant downtown area is perfect for finding precisely the live entertainment you’re looking for. The city is a hot spot for high-demand artists, as it’s often a popular stop for musicians traveling between New York City and Chicago. 

    Here, we’ve compiled a list of venues you’ll want to check out when exploring your new city.

    1. Rambling House–310 East Hudson Street, Columbus, OH

    Are you looking for a wellness boost along with your live music and delicious drinks? At Rambling House, staff presses fresh ginger, creating amazing wellness shots and sodas for customers. In addition to offering live music in Columbus, the venue also provides comedy and other types of entertainment. The venue is currently only for entertainment events, so check the entertainment calendar on their website.

    2. Big Room Bar–1036 South Front Street, Columbus, OH

    Located in the heart of the brewery district in Columbus, Big Room Bar provides the excellent entertainment and the fantastic drinks you’re looking for during a night on the town. A staple of the Columbus live music scene for the past three decades, you’ll almost always find a live band performing at Big Room on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Enjoy browsing the venue and viewing memorabilia from your soon-to-be favorite artists. For some events at Big Room, you’ll need advance tickets, so be sure to consult their website before you hit up the downtown music venue.

    3. Natalie’s Grandview Music Hall and Kitchen–945 King Avenue, Columbus, OH

    Natalie’s is known both for their amazing venue setup (with two distinct spaces for you to kick back and enjoy the live music) and incredible food and drink offerings. With three shows on two different stages each night, you’ll want to show up early to take advantage of all the entertainment offers. Special events are a constant at Natalie’s, as are drink specials, including specially crafted cocktails that are only available for a limited time. Tickets are a must for Natalie’s events, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay on top of who will be playing next.

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