5 Things to Do Before Relocating with a Vehicle
  • 5 Things to Do Before Relocating With a Vehicle

    26 Jan

    5 Things to Do Before Relocating With a Vehicle

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    Driving your vehicle and hiring movers to transport everything else is common when you relocate. However, you may have to make a different choice if you have several cars or need help driving the distance.

    Moving a vehicle could be a straightforward task, but it depends on a few factors. Here are five things you should do before you make a decision.

    1. Determine Your Options

    It might surprise you how many options you have to move a car. So before you schedule your moving company, ask if they can transport vehicles.

    Using an open-air or enclosed truck to move your car is common. The price depends on whether the carrier ships the car by itself or with other vehicles. (You’ll probably need a crate to send your vehicle overseas.)

    You can also hire someone to drive it for you. Again, there are professional services, or you could ask someone you know and trust.

    2. Research Carriers

    Depending on your choice, you might have several vehicle transport carriers or services that you can hire. It’s a good idea to research each one.

    Plan to start this process early. Ideally, you should be ready to schedule your car transport and moving services simultaneously.

    Look online for a few options, and then read reviews and ratings. Pay close attention to the most recent ones, especially those related to the kind of transport you have in mind.

    3. Consider a Package Service

    Instead of paying separately for moving your belongings and car, it may be practical to do both at once. Many moving companies provide vehicle transport for an additional fee. That way, you don’t have to find someone else.

    When you ask about moving your car, get more information about how they move it. That way, you’ll know if you need to do anything special with your vehicle beforehand.

    4. Request Estimates

    Since there’s so much variation in the types of vehicle moving services, it’s a good idea to get a few estimates. Then, if you use an online tool, include the correct dimensions and weight for the vehicle.

    When comparing estimates, break down the fees and see if they make sense. If you’re requesting moving and vehicle transport services at once, make sure you understand the individual charges. Ask questions about any unclear line item.

    Estimates are an excellent way to help you choose, but you should remember that the cost isn’t the only important factor. It’s better to choose the company that will do the best job.

    5. Prepare the Vehicle

    When you hire someone to move your vehicle, they may have a list of tasks you must do before you give it to them. It’s essential to follow every item on the list.

    Clean the car thoroughly, inside and out. Remove any of your personal items.

    If they’re not driving the vehicle, you may need to minimize the gas in the tank. Filling it up before you hand it over might increase the cost.

    Making the Move

    Moving your vehicle takes a lot of planning, but professional movers can help. Contact us to schedule service or request a quote.