5 Ways to Meet People in a New City
  • 5 Ways to Meet People in a New City

    26 Dec

    5 Ways to Meet People in a New City

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    Moving can be stressful on its own, but the process can be even more daunting if you’re transitioning to a new town or state. Also, getting acclimated is more challenging since you don’t know anyone in your destination.

    Fortunately, it’s never been easier to meet new people, whether you’ve moved to a new city or not. Here are five ways to find friends and get to know your new town after a household move.

    Option 1: Volunteer

    Volunteering has two primary benefits. First, it makes you feel good about yourself to give back to your local community. Second, it’s an excellent way to meet people who share the same passions and values as you. No matter where you live, various organizations need volunteers.

    Also, don’t assume you have to work for charity groups or food banks. For example, theaters may need volunteer ushers, and city-sponsored locations might need volunteer tour guides or similar help. You can also volunteer at special events, giving you back-end access to an event you might not know about otherwise.

    Option 2: Find Local Groups

    Just as you can find volunteering opportunities, you can also look for local groups that fit within your hobbies or passions. Some examples include:

    • Book Club – Expand your reading material and discuss your thoughts with others.
    • Wine or Beer Club – Who doesn’t love a good vintage with a group of new friends?
    • Dog Lovers Club – If you have a dog, it can be a perfect way to get to know more people.
    • Movie or Theater Club – Do you enjoy movies? There could be a club where members see movies and hang out together.

    Overall, finding these clubs can help you expand your inner circle quickly, as you can easily get to know everyone. Plus, clubs are inherently social, so there’s less stigma about introducing yourself and talking to others within the group.

    Option 3: Use Apps

    While most people think of meetup apps for dating, many of these programs also work for networking and friendship. Examples include:

    • Meetup
    • Bumble BFF
    • LMK
    • NextDoor
    • Friender

    While filling out your profile on multiple apps can be tedious, the software takes a lot of the guesswork out of meeting new people. Plus, some apps are geared toward people who share specific interests so that you can use that to your advantage.

    Option 4: Take a Class

    If you have special interests, consider taking a class at the local junior college or park district. These places can also be excellent options for meeting people. Take the time to explore other offers and attend multiple classes.

    Option 5: Join a Local Sports Team

    Sports is a great way to stay fit, and if you join a local team, you can get that shared friendship experience too. Soccer, football, volleyball – these team-based sports often have adult leagues where you can sign up and start playing. Although you might have to pay a nominal fee, it’s usually worth the social aspect.

    Plus, if you’re not physically active, you can join other teams like bowling, chess, or e-sports.

    Move With Confidence – Let Us Help!

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