4 Top Walking Spots in Columbus, Ohio
  • 4 Top Walking Spots in Columbus, Ohio

    12 Dec

    4 Top Walking Spots in Columbus, Ohio

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    Whether you are moving to Columbus in the gorgeous sunny Ohio summer or the wind-blown snowy winter, you will love all the activities the area offers. Here, we’ve gathered a list of the top walking spots in Columbus. Get ready to enjoy nature while you enjoy the great outdoors in your gorgeous new city.

    1. Scioto Trail – 233 Civic Center Drive, Columbus, Ohio

    Ready to bring out your inner Ninja Warrior? You’ll love the Scioto Trail, located in downtown Columbus. The trail runs along the Scioto River and provides walkers and joggers with gorgeous views of the river and the Columbus skyline. As you stroll down the trail, try out rope courses, balance challenges, a climbing wall, tire flipping, and other fun activities that will help you take your workout to the next level.

    2. Camp Chase Trail – 275 S. Wilson Road, Columbus, Ohio

    Ready to head out for a serious run or bike ride? The Camp Chase Trail stretches more than ten miles, making it the perfect path for those prepared for a challenge. There’s a 231-foot elevation change throughout the course, so be prepared to work your quads as you ascend and descend the trail’s rolling hills. You’ll also get to check out an active railroad track, farmlands, and a Civil War-era cemetery.

    3. Clear Creek Metropark – 185 Clear Creek Road, Rockbridge, Ohio

    Are you looking for a shorter walk than the Camp Chase Trail? Check out Clear Creek Metropark’s Hemlock Trail, a one and half mile jaunt that will take you up and down steep terrain while still having you back to your starting point in an hour or so. The shady trees of the area make this trail the perfect pick for summer. If you’re into photography, be sure to pack your camera – nature enthusiasts in the area love checking out the abundant wildlife offered by the park.

    4. Alum Creek State Park – 3615 S. Old State Road, Delaware, Ohio

    Located just a few miles north of the city, you’ll find excellent hiking trails loaded with wildlife as you explore this protected natural area. First, check out the Rocks and Roots Trail, where you can take the north or south loop. Either way, you’ll get about six miles of hiking, strolling through natural areas loaded with wildlife. A word of caution to those who venture into the woods at Alum Creek – the hiking trails do pass through areas where hunting is permitted, so it’s wise to wear bright colors.

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