7 Downsizing Tips for Seniors Before a Move
  • 7 Downsizing Tips for Seniors Before a Move

    12 May

    7 Downsizing Tips for Seniors Before a Move

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    Americans are increasingly downsizing their homes, especially baby boomers. Mansion Global reports that 17% of the U.S. population is 65 or older, but United Van Lines reports that 29% of people moving in 2020 were seniors. Others between the ages of 45 and 64 are also downsizing over the past few years.

    Downsizing can offer a feeling of liberation, but it doesn’t come without challenges. For example, retirees seeking to move into a smaller place make it easier if they find ways to downsize before making the big residential move.

    1. Take Photos of the Home’s Interior

    This step serves a dual purpose. Photos make great memories. They can serve as a tool to visualize what belongings should come with and what should be donated. Items that immediately draw the eye are probably things to keep.

    2. Don’t Save Everything to ‘Pass Down’ to Family

    While family heirlooms and other valuable items are good things to pass down to family members and other cherished people, decluttering experts suggest not everything needs to be saved. Speak to family first to see if there is anything they’re attached to or would like to add to their own homes.

    Saving furniture and other items in storage “in case” someone wants it is counterproductive – the younger generations might appreciate experiences more than belongings, so check with everyone before assuming someone will accept no longer needed or wanted items.

    3. Stop Buying New Things

    Stop buying new things once you have decided to move into a smaller place. If necessary, keep the items in an online shopping car or list to buy later after the move. Those “must-have” items may mean less after the move. It’s best not to accumulate more physical belongings until after your move.

    4. Carefully Evaluate Furniture

    Plan only to take your necessary furniture and other favorites that’ll fit into the new home. Many people who have lived in their homes for decades have furniture stashed throughout their homes, attics, basements, and sheds. Plan to downsize what you don’t use—it can be expensive to move large, heavy, or bulky items.

    5. Take Only Favorites from Collections

    Individuals who collect items, such as salt and pepper shakers, shot glasses, or even those 90s-era Beanie Babies, typically have many. So, rather than move them all, choose a few favorites and then give them away or donate the rest.

    6. Let Go of ‘Guilt’ Gifts

    Everyone has items they received as gifts but don’t really like or use. Yet, they still hold onto them because they feel guilty about getting rid of them. These are perfect candidates to let go of before moving into a smaller home.

    7. Purge Paperwork

    Over the decades, people tend to accumulate a lot of paperwork. So, get out the shredder and a trash can to dispose of everything you no longer need. Old warranties for long-expired products can be tossed, and anything containing sensitive information, such as decades-old tax returns or bank statements, can be shredded.

    Moving Made Easy

    Downsizing is a considerable undertaking — and so is moving. It can be an even more significant challenge if you are a senior. Contact us today to learn more about our services or get a free quote!