Residential Moving Tips By Season
  • Residential Moving Tips By Season

    29 Mar

    Residential Moving Tips By Season

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    If you’re unsure when you will relocate, getting tips for the appropriate season might be challenging. However, if you can choose which season you move in, you might want to consider the options by comparing the pros and cons of the various seasons.


    Spring offers a lot of possible benefits for a household move. Once you get into April or May, you may enjoy milder weather for packing and cleaning. Also, it’s a lot easier to move boxes when you’re not worried about icy sidewalks or driveways.

    On the other hand, Spring is one of the busiest seasons for real estate, making it harder to find and buy a new home. In addition, if you have kids, you might have to contend with scheduling concerns related to the end of school.


    Many people think summer is the ideal time to move. This is because you get the benefit of good weather, even if it’s hot. In addition, it’s common to take time off during the summer, so it may be easier to schedule a break from work or schooling.

    Of course, as the favorite season for moving, summer is also the busiest one. That means you may have to get on the schedule early. Otherwise, you risk having a limited selection of available movers.


    If you don’t love the idea of moving in the summer or if you live in a place where summer temperatures soar, autumn might be the ideal choice for relocating. It’s less busy than summer since most people aim to settle before the start of the school year. You might have some great weather in September or October.

    Autumn can be a difficult time to move, as well. If you move too late in the season, you’ll probably have to contend with cold or wet weather. You also run close to the holidays, complicating potential seasonal travel plans.


    Winter isn’t the ideal season for moving in some areas, but it offers some conveniences. First, it’s off-season, which may make it easier to get on the schedule. If you have time off for the holidays, you may be able to use some of that time to work on packing or organizing.

    Besides having a schedule that can be a little hectic, winter moving often means dealing with cold weather. It can also be harder to pack with limited daylight hours. And on moving day, you’ll need to take extra care to avoid injury.

    How to Choose

    Ultimately, your choice of the season to relocate comes down to your needs and expectations. You don’t necessarily have to move at a specific time just because you think that’s when everyone should move.

    If it works for you to move during the winter, you can. If it makes sense to relocate on a holiday weekend, that’s an option. Choose the time that works best for you, and you will have fewer obstacles as a result.

    Moving Help During Any Season

    The way that you move depends on the season, but there are ways to make it work at any time. Contact us for a free quote as well as expert assistance in your upcoming move.