What Should Go In the Stress Relief Kit For Your Move?
  • What Should Go In the Stress Relief Kit For Your Move?

    30 Dec

    What Should Go In the Stress Relief Kit For Your Move?

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    A household move can be stressful for lots of people! So if you’re moving this winter, you’re going to need a stress kit to help yourself relieve stress at the end of a long day.

    Knowing what to put in your stress relief kit can help ensure you have the tools you need to relax your muscles and take your mind off the many things you’re doing to get ready for moving. Remember to keep your stress kit available throughout your move. Don’t pack it! Here’s what to put in the kit. 


    When choosing a book for your stress relief kit, look for one that doesn’t require too much deep thought. At the end of a long day spent prepping for your move, you’re unlikely to have the energy to concentrate on challenging books. 

    Guided Meditation

    Meditation can help calm your nerves and focus your thoughts. In addition, meditation can make challenges and problems seem less overwhelming during a long move. 

    If you’re not used to meditating, guided meditation is the way to go. Guided meditation walks you through the process of meditating to make it easier and more rewarding. You can find guided meditation tracks online – some are available for free, and you can purchase others.  

    Protein Bars

    It’s essential to keep your energy up during the day. Having energy reduces stress and takes the pressure off to make a meal when you’re in the middle of packing. Buy protein bars to put in your stress relief kit. Choose protein bars in several different flavors, so you’ll always have something tasty to eat!


    Massagers can be battery-powered or manually operated. Some massagers come with heat, and others don’t. Find one that works for you and is in your budget. If you do get a massager that requires batteries, keep extra batteries in your stress relief kit, so you’ll always have the massager when you need it. 

    Scented Lotions

    Your hands sure will get dry when you’re packing and unpacking boxes. So you’ll be grateful to have some lotion around

    When you’re choosing scented lotions for your stress relief kit, take care to be sure that the scent lotions you choose don’t smell too strong. Also, if any of your family members are sensitive to smells, you might want to check with them before putting a scented lotion in your kit. 

    Bath Salts

    Make time to take a bath every once in a while. Baths are excellent for your muscles and good for your stress levels! Also, bath salts help your bath feel more relaxing. After a long day spent packing, moving boxes, and unpacking, a bath will feel outstanding. 

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